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These wristbands ensure your kids safety around water

A fancy swimming pool or a cute little pond are not just sources for enjoyment. For babies and little kids water might be very dangerous. Without gap less supervision and appropriate safety measure a sunny lighthearted afternoon may turn serious within minutes. But nobody, not even the most caring helicopter parents, are able to keep [...]

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Rape Statistics

Rape Statistics in Europa Sweden and Denmark have been identified as the countries where most rapes have occurred in the European Union. A chart has been compiled by Statista for the Independent magazine and it shows a very high percentage of people who said that they have gone through sexual harassment. These results have been [...]

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child identity wristbands

The Importance of Identity Wristbands for the Safety of a Child The identity wristbands for children’s safety have been manufactured by various suppliers and they offer secure identification while you are on holidays or when your children are on their school trips. These bands are made out of a smooth and tear-resistant paper. They have [...]

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Zembro Bracelet for Seniors

Zembro bracelet has been designed as an intelligent watch for elderly people in your family. It offer the entire family independence, freedom and that necessary peace of mind should the seniors in the family need help when others are not around. What are the special features of the Zembro Bracelet? It sounds an alarm if [...]

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Field report from Ingrid Hofstätte

Ingrid, Hofstätter, art dealer Work-related, I’m always on the move, but also in my leisure time I enjoy being out because of my passion for the nature and the animals. Jogging, riding the bicycle, making long distance walks and hiking with my dog are some of my favourite activities. Even on the coldest days in [...]

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Wristbands Elderly

GPS Wristbands for the Elderly Everybody wants to enjoy their share of independence and the elderly are no different. They want to go out for a walk at times or pay a visit to their physician all by themselves. They deserve this personal space; however, close relatives must stay alert at all times because with [...]

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Wearable Safety and GPS Devices for Kids

Wearable Safety and GPS Devices for Kids Technological advancements have allowed man to invent so many useful gadgets and devices in recent years. Wearable GPS trackers for kids are one of those inventions that come with many benefits for the parents. Parents are usually very protective of their kids but there are times when they [...]

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Safety Tips for Female Runners

Safety Tips for Running in the Dark Some people find it extremely exciting an enjoyable to run in the dark or at night. Others do it out of necessity because in the daytime they simply have no time for running, jogging or any workout for that matter. While it is a pleasurable and beneficial activity, [...]

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Basic Self Defense Techniques all Women Should Know

It is at all no secret that in the era that we live in due to various occurrences around the world personal security or lack thereof has proven to be of outmost importance. many of us have felt the need to learn how to defend ourselves should we be in a position where self defense [...]

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Victim of a Violent Crime

With the ever-increasing possibility for the ordinary woman becoming a victim of a violent crime the importance of taking precautionary measures to make sure one is able to either prevent themselves from being victimized or if indeed the unfortunate event happens where a woman has to fight off an attacker one wants at least have [...]

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