A high-quality standard of our wristbands is important to us. That’s why we provide a quality and security check for every product.


We want to know our loved ones in safety. No matter where they are and what happens, there should always be someone available for them.

What is it that we can do?

If our loved ones are in need, we naturally want that someone can rush to the rescue quickly. Our alarmbands provide an alarm and inform the right people.

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When our loved ones are on their way or we can not be with you, we always want to be sure that they are well.

What is it that we can do?

It is important to be able to intervene quickly if something happens! Each of our alarm bands provides a corresponding signal and alerts certain people or people nearby.

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Trust is the most important foundation in the family. And we also want our loved ones to be able to trust in us and our help.

What is it that we can do?

Even with technical aids, it is important that you can trust in their use. We have been very careful in choosing our alarmbands. We are a quality shop.

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Personal Safety with an Alarm Ring

December 16th, 2019|

Alarm Ring You can never be sure about when a criminal or an attacker would confront you. You will have no way of knowing the environment and the time when you may land in trouble. [...]

Rape Statistics

December 29th, 2016|

Rape Statistics in Europa Sweden and Denmark have been identified as the countries where most rapes have occurred in the European Union. A chart has been compiled by Statista for the Independent magazine and it [...]

How can you help your loved ones?

In an emergency, it is important to be right on time. Find in here the right alarm!

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