The alarm wristband with 120 dB for women

The alarmband look like a watch and is easy to use in the case of an emergency. When pushing the alarm button a loud noise of  120 dB will scare off any attackers immediately. The sound of the alarm reaches about the same volume as a jet fighter.

The alarmband

The water alarm for toddlers as they might play close to water

The wateralarm is an important tool that can help you to protect your child. As a lightweight, comfortable emergency bracelet, it immediately triggers an alarm when coming in contact with water. The bracelet can be put quickly and safely on the wrist of your toddler.

The wateralarm

The emergency watch with GPS and fall detection

If the SOS button is pressed on the emergency watch, the device sends a call to the saved emergency contacts. As soon as someone picks up the call, you can use the built-in microphone and loudspeaker to make calls like you would with a cell phone. In addition, the watch can regularly remind you to take medication. If the watch does not confirm the entry, an emergency call is automatically sent to the saved emergency contacts.

The emergency watch

Fall detection for seniors

In various cases, our loved ones unfortunately no longer have the opportunity to press the emergency button because they are already unconscious. The fall detector is therefore equipped with an additional fall alarm function in addition to the usual emergency call button. As soon as the 3-D motion sensor detects a fall, an SMS is automatically sent to up to three previously stored telephone numbers.

The fall detector

Desinfection bracelet

The disinfection wristband ensures flexible protection no matter where we go. Simply press the disinfectant dispenser directly with your thumb and you are ready to go with the right amount of gel. With the 20g tank, the bracelet is also super light and comfortable to wear. The easy refill option also makes it an environmentally friendly solution for the whole family.

The desinfection bracelet

A high-quality standard of our wristbands is important to us. That’s why we provide a quality and security check for every product.


We want to know our loved ones in safety. No matter where they are and what happens, there should always be someone available for them.

What is it that we can do?

If our loved ones are in need, we naturally want that someone can rush to the rescue quickly. Our alarmbands provide an alarm and inform the right people.

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When our loved ones are on their way or we can not be with you, we always want to be sure that they are well.

What is it that we can do?

It is important to be able to intervene quickly if something happens! Each of our alarm bands provides a corresponding signal and alerts certain people or people nearby.

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Trust is the most important foundation in the family. And we also want our loved ones to be able to trust in us and our help.

What is it that we can do?

Even with technical aids, it is important that you can trust in their use. We have been very careful in choosing our alarmbands. We are a quality shop.

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How can you help your loved ones?

In an emergency, it is important to be right on time. Find in here the right alarm!

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