Alarm Ring

Personal Safety with an Alarm Ring

Alarm Ring

You can never be sure about when a criminal or an attacker would confront you. You will have no way of knowing the environment and the time when you may land in trouble.

Personal Alarm Wristbands

An alarm ring is one of the latest devices that are a brilliant and powerful resource. It emits a loud and unexpected sound in the surrounding area. This is a piercing kind of sound that can change the whole dynamics between your attacker and you. When you are able to disrupt the belief of your attacker that he or she has an advantage over you for few moments, it may give you that much needed opportunity to make a run for it or counter attack. You will also be able to attract the attention of people nearby and they can help you or force the attacker to run away.

An alarm ring is a fine and innovative concept in the world of personal safety as it delivers smart and powerful technology. It is an important fashion-forward accessory. This alarm ring pays attention to its function and its form as well as its strength and style. This type of a fashion accessory will cater to not only serving as attractive jewellery but it will also protect women who would like to wear it. The presence of a threat of physical assault is always there for women; it is not an abstract type of fear. It is actually a real concern that may have a deep impact on their daily lives. The alarm ring will help to equip women in a better way when it comes to their personal safety. It helps them in their response to probable situations that are full of danger. It offers a reliable and safer alternative to those standard and traditional defensive techniques against attackers.

Stylish Jewellery Accessories

The alarm rings are available as sophisticated and very stylish accessories. They can easily be passed off as fashionable and attractive jewellery items. No one will ever know what is hidden within these alarm rings in a discreet way. They are an innovative way of using accessories that could turn into life saving and personal safety alarms. The miniature technology has been patented and concealed in a nice way. When these rings get activated, they emit a loud and shocking alarm. They can empower women, wearing them, with the crucial moments that are required to startle criminal delinquents, thieves and attackers. They can help overwhelm and deter these assailants and prevent any escalation of planned attacks.

Nimb Alarm Ring Woman

These alarm rings have a unique potential of integrating seamlessly into the daily lifestyle and routine of women. They have to be treated as personal safety devices that are totally accessible for use in any type of environment. They are signals of alarm and are limited to that use alone; they cannot be treated as weapons.

Using an Alarm Ring Effectively

It is wiser to charge an alarm ring fully before you go out anywhere. Every alarm ring is accompanied with one custom charger. This can be attached to a Type A connector which is of the USB-compliant kind. Once the ring is activated, it has to be recharged fully before you think in terms of subsequent activation. In order to charge it, you have to turn the ring over and you will find that three small holes will be exposed at its base. You have to then depress the spring of the charger and slide it within the circular region where the ring slides on to your finger. You have to snap the three protruding metal pins into the corresponding holes of the alarm ring.

It is better to activate these alarm rings only when you feel that there is a potentially dangerous or a threatening situation where your personal safety could get compromised.

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