Survival Bracelet for Outdoor Adventures

The survival tool with 8-in-1 functions for outdoor enthusiasts

The Survival Bracelet combines practical survival functions with a sturdy design for everyone who loves being outdoors. From the SOS LED light to the fire starter – this bracelet is a must-have for adventure seekers and provides safety in any situation.


29,90  inkl. Mwst.

Includes 20% VAT

24,90  inkl. Mwst.

Includes 20% VAT

The Survival Bracelet with comprehensive features

Going beyond a traditional emergency bracelet, the Survival Bracelet offers extensive support in the wilderness with its thoughtful design and 8-in-1 functions.

This bracelet stands out for its versatile functions, including an alarm of up to 130 dB, SOS LED light for emergencies, an integrated compass, and thermometer, as well as a flint fire starter. In critical situations, it thus becomes an indispensable aid that significantly enhances safety in nature.


What’s behind the Survival Bracelet?

Integrated survival tools

The survival bracelet is equipped with a range of survival tools essential for emergency situations. These include an integrated alarm that emits a loud sound of up to 130 dB when in danger, an SOS LED light for nighttime signaling, a flint fire starter for generating warmth or signal fires, a whistle for acoustic signals, a sharp knife for general cutting tasks, and a robust paracord rope for various survival applications.


Multifunctional design

Beyond its survival functions, the bracelet impresses with a compact and stylish design, making it the perfect companion for all outdoor activities. It combines practical survival tools with an elegant appearance that suits both outdoor apparel and everyday wear.

Additional features like a compass and thermometer provide orientation and important environmental information useful in the wilderness. The bracelet is not just a survival tool but also a fashionable accessory that merges safety and style.

Ready for every adventure

The Survival Bracelet is designed and tested for the most demanding outdoor situations. It is perfect for camping, hiking, hunting, and fishing, but also offers practical functions in everyday life. The Paracord bracelet is designed to quickly convert into a strong rope in emergencies, which can be crucial in survival situations.

Its durable and waterproof construction ensures the bracelet functions under all conditions, while the simple yet effective design ensures you always have the necessary tools at hand to protect yourself and your loved ones.

All advantages at a glance

29,90  inkl. Mwst.

Includes 20% VAT

24,90  inkl. Mwst.

Includes 20% VAT

What our customers say

The feedback from our customers is very important to us! To give you an insight into the experiences of our customers and how they use the products in their everyday lives, we have put together three sample quotes here.

“I am thrilled with the Survival Bracelet! It was my constant companion on my last hike. Especially the built-in alarm and LED light were very helpful at dusk. Having a knife and a flint with me gave me a great sense of security. An absolute must-have for every outdoor enthusiast!”

Michael, 34, Dresden

“This bracelet has completed my camping gear. The versatility of the tools, from the whistle to the thermometer, impressed me. I have already recommended it to several friends who enjoy being outdoors. It’s not only practical but also looks good!”

Sarah, 29, Cologne

“As an avid fisherman and hunter, I was looking for a practical gadget that could help me in an emergency. The Survival Bracelet exceeded all my expectations. The quality of the Paracord rope and the ease of use of the compass are top-notch. I now feel much safer when I’m alone in the wilderness.”

Andreas, 47, Munich

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