Safety with the emergency watch for seniors

Please note that there are three different emergency armbands in the “Seniors” category. Basically, all emergency wristbands are very similar, but individual features or technical components as well as the design are slightly different.

Emergency watch with medication reminder:

What can not happen when our seniors are at home alone, they want to visit a neighbor or when they go for a walk? And if an accident or even an emergency occurs, the family naturally wants to be there quickly to help. With the emergency watch for seniors, our loved ones can have contacts stored on the watch called within a few seconds. If an emergency call contact accepts the call, the watch switches on a microphone and a hands-free function. At the same time, an SMS with the GPS location information is sent to the contact.

So now it’s time to act quickly: Grandma, how are you? What happened? I’m just checking where you are and we’ll be right by!

Additional functions

Even showering or bathing is no problem with the waterproof watch. In addition, the watch can remind the wearer to take medication at regular intervals. If the wearer does not actively confirm this reminder, an emergency call is automatically sent to the saved contacts.

Emergency watch for seniors
Emergency watch for seniors
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How does the emergency watch work?

The emergency watch for seniors is a stand-alone phone with a built-in GPS receiver. The whole compact and modern in design. Regardless of whether our loved ones want to send out an emergency call, we are looking for their exact location or want to speak to them quickly, the emergency watch can help here. A very easy one-button operation helps quickly, especially in emergency situations! The clock cannot be switched off either. It is important to be ready for action in every situation.

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What does the service fee include?

The watch works via the cellular network and can therefore be reached 24 hours a day for emergency calls. The SIM card is permanently installed in the watch and can be used throughout Europe in conjunction with the service fee. All emergency calls and messages from the watch are included in the package! No matter where you are, the watch always selects the best network for maximum reliability.

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How can the watch help with dementia?

The GPS emergency watch for seniors is particularly suitable to locate people with dementia. No data is recorded and the privacy of the user is preserved. The position is determined via the built-in GPS. We can find your loved ones, whether outdoors or via WiFi indoors. The emergency contacts receive the position data by SMS, can open it directly in the browser and be there quickly.

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The emergency watch for seniors

We want to know that our loved ones are always safe and we want to be there for them when it matters. If the SOS button is triggered on the emergency watch, a real call is sent to the telephone numbers of the saved emergency contacts. As soon as an emergency contact picks up the call, a voice connection is established. Thanks to the built-in microphone and loudspeaker, you can use the watch to make calls like a cell phone.

The watch’s charging plug has two strong magnets that pull it into the right position quickly and easily.

Important key data

– Charging voltage 5.0V DC
– Size approx. 50 x 30.0 x 14mm
– Weight approx. 23 grams
– Working temperature
-20 ° C to + 70 ° C
– Positioning GPS + WiFi
– Protection class IP67
– waterproof
– Battery life approx. 5 days – 3 months

Emergency watch for seniors
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Here in the village it’s best when I can go for a walk from time to time or when I’m invited to my cousin’s for coffee. On my last visit I picked a few flowers on the way and fell into the ditch. I was lying on the floor for an hour and couldn’t get up. Then the neighbor came by in his car and helped me on my feet. That’s why my son has now bought me the emergency watch. I definitely don’t want to experience that again.

Hannelore K., 78

My grandma is so important to me! When I was little we baked cookies together every winter and visited my uncle to play cards. Once she set out on her own and slipped on the ice outside in winter. The leg was broken and the cookie fun was over. So I looked in Google and found the emergency watch for seniors. 😉 Sits, fits and works perfectly.

Johanna M., 22

My mother is truly an inspiration to me! She has almost reached her 90s and still prefers to be as fit as a sneaker. Slowly, however, dementia is bothering you and recently I almost didn’t find it. I just feel safer when I know where she is! With the emergency watch for seniors I can breathe deeply again.

Doris G., 58