The new disinfection bracelet – safe and clean through everyday life

Disinfection bracelet: 

Always well protected in everyday life!

The disinfection wristband is your daily companion for hand hygiene. Whether at work, at school, when shopping, on the go or when traveling. With the disinfection wristband, you are always well protected against viruses and bacteria. Wearing the bracelet will always remind you of the importance of protecting yourself from bacteria and viruses.

Disinfection barcelet
Always clean hands
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Simple function for better hand hygiene

The disinfectant wristband works on the same principle as a disinfectant dispenser. Without causing a stir, the disinfectant can be sprayed into the hands and distributed there very easily and discreetly by pressing the tank with the thumb. With a simple press you get exactly the right amount to thoroughly disinfect your hands. One tank of fuel is sufficient for approx. 5-6 uses.

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Light and fashionable

The disinfection bracelet weighs just 20 g including a full tank and is therefore super light and comfortable to wear. There is something for everyone thanks to the 10 different colors that you can choose. From subtle gray to eye-catching red to bright yellow, there is the perfect color for everyone.

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Social and environmentally friendly

The bracelet for disinfecting is made in German workshops for the disabled, so you are not only doing something good for your health, but also for others. In addition, you can easily refill your bracelet again and again, so not only your hands, but also the environment stay clean.

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All benefits at a glance

The disinfection bracelet always with you …

  • is light and comfortable to wear like a watch
  • is available in ten fashionable colors
  • is always at hand in an emergency
  • inconspicuous disinfection of the hands
  • always sprays the right amount of disinfectant into your hands
  • is a reminder to regularly disinfect your hands
  • is environmentally friendly
  • can always be refilled
Disinfection bracelet
Product Details


The bracelet is super comfortable to wear and I feel safe from bacteria and viruses everywhere. We recommend!

Karin L. from München, 32

Since owning the bracelet, I feel much safer because I no longer have to worry about where to wash my hands on the go. It is really very inconspicuous as it could also be seen as a watch and is very comfortable to wear.

Elke R. from Salzburg, 69

The bracelet is super practical for on the go. Refilling the tank is very easy. It also looks good and works as a normal bracelet. I am very enthusiastic and like to wear it.

Rainer Z. from St Gallen, 46