Our Alarmbands

Our “alarmband” is worn like a wrist watch so it’s easily accessible in times of need – in an emergency, every second counts. By pushing the alarm button a 120 dB loud Alarm is emitted, which will scare off any attackers immediately. Furthermore, the very loud noise (about the same volume as a jet fighter) will alert any pedestrians nearby who could help you.

Personal alarm wristband alarm band from Alarmbands
Personal alarm wristband alarm band from Alarmbands
Product Details

At a Glance

  • fits every wrist and is comfortable to wear
  • light (as a feather?) and low – key
  • Emits a very loud sound by pushing the button
  • Within reach in case of emergency
  • Great for women who are are walking alone at night
  • The simple design complements sportive, as well as classic outfits
  • A (stylish) and safe protection for the fashionable elderly person

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Your Bodyguard on the go

  • If you’re walking alone through parks, garages, or dimly lit alleys
  • If you’re jogging cross country through forests or simply taking a walk
  • If you’re a backpacker in a foreign country
  • If you’re changing in indoor swimming pools (public baths?) or fitness centers

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Also for elderly people!

  • If you fall (collapse?) at home or in your garden, neighbors will notice you
  • If you’re out shopping and a pickpocket (robber?) attacks you
  • If you’re taken by surprise by a burglar while asleep
  • Aggressive dogs are also scared away by the loud noise

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  1. This is a personal alarm, when you need help, just slide the switch on the side of the unit to turn the alarm on or off. It will emit 120 decibel alarm sound.
  2. The silicon wristband is suitable for anybody, you could adjust the range according your wrist size.

Replace battery:

Push the battery conver and take out empty battery, then replace new battery.

How You Use The Product!

Push the battery conver and take out empty battery, then replace new battery.

  1. Keep the unit in a dry environment, away from moisture, high temperature and corrosive environments.
  2. Do not use water to clean products and use dry cloth to clean that.
  3. Do not throw empty or old battery in anywhere. Please throw that to recycling bins for empty / old battery to protect local environment.
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Product Details


My stressful work schedule allows only for a quick jog in the evening. Often, when running alone in the park, I feel quite uncomfortable, especially after having been harassed by two drunken men one night. After that incident, I gave up running altogether, I was too afraid something like this would happen again. But then, my husband bought me this alarm belt (Alarmband?/Markenname?), which accompanies me on my daily jogs. I feel safe and protected, while wearing it.
Silvia, 40

As a fashion designer, I visit customers and tend to work late hours. One night on my way back home, I got harassed by a young man who tried to grab my backside/rear/buttocks. Fortunately/thank god I had my alarm belt on – I pressed the button which launched the alarm and startled the offender. While running off, he mumbeld something like „Police, Police!“ He probably mistook the alarm from the belt for a siren from a police patrol. The alarm belt saved my life and prevented me from being raped, of this, I am certain.

Nadine, 36
I went out to buy groceries for my family, like every week. Fully packed, I was on my way back to the apartment, two men approached me. Suddenly, one of them snatched away one of my bags full of grocieries while the other tried to steal my purse. Alert as I was, I pushed the button on my alarm belt. Scared by the loud noise, they dropped my groceries and let go of me. They tried to escape, but other pedestrians, alerted by the loud noise, stopped/retained them. I feel like the alarm belt acted like a guardian angel that day – after this incident, I never leave my house without it, feeling secure and protected while having it on me.
Elisabeth, 60
Due to the high demand in the matter of safety, we offer specific self-defense-courses. Beside the main focuses ‘accurate behaviour in emergency situations’ and ‘intensive training of the most effective defense- and relief-techniques’ our participants are able to acquire the colourful alarmbands. The alarmband provides additional preventative protection in case of attacks and emergency situations.
Dr. Andreas Held, Founder & CEO of Young-Ung Taekwondo in Vienna, Austria