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Wearable Safety and GPS Devices for Kids

Wearable Safety and GPS Devices for Kids

Technological advancements have allowed man to invent so many useful gadgets and devices in recent years. Wearable GPS trackers for kids are one of those inventions that come with many benefits for the parents. Parents are usually very protective of their kids but there are times when they are unable to supervise them or be present at the time of an important event or occasion. Nobody wants to encounter a situation where their child is missing or hasn’t returned back home from school or any other location. But if it happens, every parent must be equipped with the necessary tools to get their child back safe and sound.

Wearable Safety 

There are many GPS devices in this category; each one comes with its own pros and cons. Some are expensive; while others are easy to use. Some of them have been manufactured only for special children; the ones with disabilities. Some of these devices need a monthly service charge, which might not appeal to a lot of people out there. Then there are a few devices that come equipped with a digital display, a waterproof body, exciting colors, and multiple ringtones. For GPS activation, a built-in SIM card is required and many of these devices also allow the parents to talk to their kid.

Here is a review of some highly rated products in this category to help you make a buying decision easily:

Amber Alert GPS Child Tracker – It is not very expensive but it does require a monthly service cost of $15 to $18. It comes with attractive features like voice functionality, one-touch SOS and school-ready mode. The product works with an easy-to-use parent app that helps parents to communicate with their child, locate them, and set up safe zones to get alerts.

Tinitell – Tinitell is probably the best looking GPS locator for kids coming in a stylish appearance and very simple yet highly useful features. There is only one large button on top of this phone watch, which can be used for multiple functions. You can easily teach your child to use the phone watch to answer incoming calls. There is an app designed for the parents so that they can monitor their child using their smartphone.

AngelSense – This one has been made with the needs of special children in mind; however, anyone can use it as a safety and tracker device. There is a feature to listen to the sounds surrounding your child, wherever he or she is. You can easily set up safety zones and get alerts when your child is not in one of those zones. It comes with an app like other devices that is easy to use. One disadvantage of AngelSense is that it does not come with a digital display.

My Buddy Tag – This is meant for parents who want to try out a GPS device on their child to see how it works before spending a lot of money on modern sophisticated trackers. It is simply designed yet offers many attractive features like long-lasting battery, waterproof body, and simultaneous tracking for multiple children. It is not like other GPS trackers because it offers only a limited zone to monitor your child while away from home. It is affordable and a good choice for kids who don’t like to wear silicone devices.

Trax GPS Tracker – Trax Play has been found to be the lightest and smallest GPS trackers for kids available out there. You need to buy a data plan to be able to use this device and that would require a monthly subscription fee. The app is free to download and offers many functions. It comes with clips to attach to different wearable accessories like belts. It gives an alert when your child leaves the safety zones and enters an unknown territory. The app allows you to add as many trackers as you want and stay connected with all family members and even pets! In case your child got lost in a park or any other location, you can open up the camera on your phone and point it in various directions; when it will be pointed towards the tracker it will give an alert and you will be able to locate your child.

PocketFinder Personal GPS Locator – PocketFinder has received many positive reviews and is truly a sophisticated device when it comes to locating your child’s whereabouts in just a matter of seconds. It uses both GSM and GPS to track your child’s location and updates this information every two minutes. One of the attractive features is that these devices can also be personalized to be used on pets. It is expensive though and does not come with a digital display for ease of use. Moreover, there is no option of communicating with your child or listening to the sounds surrounding your child.

Caref GPS Phone Watch – This one is another affordable device designed like a wrist watch and very easy to use. Children, especially boys, love these types of watches. The watch is able to receive phone calls and read messages sent to the device. It is available in different colors so that you can make a choice for your male or female child. It can also make a great gift as it is quite inexpensive when compared to other smart GPS trackers and safety devices for kids.

Whether you’re looking for the best kids’ tracker or simply a wearable safety device for your child with only a couple of functions, one of the devices reviewed above will serve to fulfill all your requirements. With one of these devices handy, you would never have to worry about having your child lost. Have peace of mind when you need to leave your kids at home and be able to listen to any suspicious sounds in the house. In case your kid needs special attention, one of these safety devices will come in extremely handy. The best thing about these wearable devices is that the kids also feel safe when they have them on!