Zembro Bracelet for Seniors

Zembro bracelet has been designed as an intelligent watch for elderly people in your family. It offer the entire family independence, freedom and that necessary peace of mind should the seniors in the family need help when others are not around.

What are the special features of the Zembro Bracelet?

  • It sounds an alarm if the senior needs help after a fall or any accident at home or outdoors. This alarm keeps other family members informed.
  • Its battery charge will last for an entire week.
  • The bracelet could be worn comfortably as an elegant watch.
  • The bracelet will give out the location of the person wearing it.
  • It is waterproof and can be worn while taking a shower or while swimming or doing the dishes.
  • It offers a speaking as well as a listening mode.

How can the Zembro Bracelet be used?

It is simple to use. You need one smart app for all connections. The bracelet will be worn by the chosen senior in your family. This bracelet could be charged for an hour with the help of the USB cable which is supplied to the user. Once it is charged, it is then ready to be used. The Zembro app could be downloaded from this link or in the App Store. The app will direct you with simple steps so that all connections could be activated.

There are three easy functions for its use. When its button is pressed once, a clock will appear. After pressing the button twice, you can check the status of the battery and other relevant information. When the button is held down for four seconds, the bracelet sounds the alarm and informs the connected family members. This bracelet has to be charged for about an hour every week.

How does it work?


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You need the bracelet and you need its application installed on your smart phone. The selected senior will don the bracelet and identified family members would become the connections. The bracelet has a chip that remains in constant connection with the smart phone network. The hardware provided for this bracelet has an option that is inbuilt; it sends warning should the elder wearing wander off anywhere and loses him or herself far from home.

To sound an alarm, the button has to be held down for four seconds and then released. The bracelet will hold back for twenty seconds before sounding the alarm. After five seconds, the user would hear a Save our Souls tone to confirm that the alarm has been sounded. This alarm button is invisible and it has been placed under the clock’s surface. If the alarm has been sounded by accident, you can cancel within the twenty seconds allotted by pressing on the same button again.

The bracelet sends out an alarm along with the exact location of the person wearing it. It will then go into a hands-free kind of telephone mode and wait for a connection from one the identified family members.

You need an internet connection in order to receive the notification and the location of the senior. Your smart phone has to be connected to the internet through Wi-Fi or a mobile internet bundle.

You have to remember that you can call this bracelet only after it has sounded the alarm. The Zembro App will work on all iPhones 5 and higher with operating systems of iOS 8.2 and higher. It will also work on Android phones with Android 4.1 systems and higher.

What does it cost per month?

The charge is Euros 29 per month and this cost includes service anywhere in Europe. It also includes the charge of the smart phone app for connections along with a customer care special team to help with queries or concerns. Payment for Zembro may be done through Visa, MasterCard, direct debit, Bancontact or iDeal at the web shop.

If you want to try out the Zembro bracelet for a limited period, it is possible. There is a thirty-day money-back guarantee. Customer service team could be contacted with remarks and reasons for returning the bracelet. As soon as the bracelet is received by the team, € 29 will be returned.

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