Water Alarm Set

The water alarm set for your child
Perfect for more safety and protection. At the beach, pool, at the pond or riverside

The Water Alert Pack is an important safety tool that helps you to supervise and protect your child. Hotel pools, swimming pools, lakes and ponds, or on the beach: Especially the little ones need supervision without being restricted in their freedom of movement. This reliable water alarm system – consisting of a light alarm bath and a base station – is designed to protect children from drowning near open water surfaces.

The heart of the water alarm set is a lightweight, comfortable emergency strap with a quick-release closure. The bracelet can be quickly and safely put on the wrist of your child and immediately triggers an alarm when in contact with water. A sensor in the emergency bracelet triggers the alarm and sends it to the base station. The big advantage: With the water alarm set you remain completely mobile as it can be operated with standard batteries. Whether at the hotel pool, on the beach or on a boat trip: With this water alarm set you have the situation under control.

Water alarm for toddlers
water alarm for toddlers
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The water alarm set for a carefree leisure pleasure

The security set can be powered by AC adapters or batteries, ensuring maximum flexibility. In addition, other features provide additional security. If your child leaves the range of the base station with the alarm band, or if the connection is interrupted for another reason, an alarm signal is automatically triggered. The range between the base station and the sensor in the bracelet is a maximum of 50 meters. Even if the battery charge level comes to an end, a warning signal is reliably triggered.

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Waterproof, skin-friendly and lightweight

The emergency bracelet of the water alarm set is comfortable to wear and protects the sensitive skin of your child. Whether babies or toddlers; The lightweight emergency strap can easily be put on with the practical quick release. It is adjustable in size, can not be removed independently, is resistant to fresh and salt water and up to 3 bar waterproof (which corresponds to a water pressure of 30 meters!). The whole water alarm set is characterized by its compact design, highest reliability and light weight. The transmitter, so the emergency bracelet, it is free of plasticizers and paks and protects the skin of your child. Simply ideal for trips to the sea or the swimming pool.

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Protection for the entire family

Even family members who suffer from certain illnesses or disabilities can protect you with this system. People with limited orientation, Parkinson’s disease, or certain types of autism often require increased levels of care and supervision. The system does not interfere, leaving people free to move around and just warning you when the sensor is out of range, for example.

Water alarm set suitable for pets

Not only for babies and toddlers, the water alarm set is a valuable safety component. The security system can also provide valuable services for your pets.

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Aadvantages and technical data at a glance

  The water alarm set

  • is versatile
  • consists of a base station and a waterproof emergency strap
  • operation on battery or via network is optional for more mobility
  • has a max. range of 50 meters
  • the bracelet has a handy quick release
  • perfectly adaptable, as adjustable in size
  • suitable for babies, infants, dependent family members and pets
  • resistant to dirt and resistant to fresh and salt water
  • triggers alarm on contact with water
  • reacts fast and extremely reliable
  • triggers alarm when leaving the area of transmission or when the battery is low
  • 3 sensors (bracelets) can be operated per receiver or base station
  • keeps you mobile while traveling and at home
  • All other QUESTIONS and ANSWERS can be found at FAQ Water Alarm
Water alarm for toddlers
Product Details


The water alarm bracelet is super easy to use. The big advantage over other products is that the alarm band is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater. We can protect both our swimming pool as well as on vacation at the stand an area. The mobile station is handy and fits easily in any bathing bag. Another advantage is that the station is powered by conventional batteries.
Mag. Sonja H., 32, Mother
My wife and I use it not only as a hedge for a pool but also for the playground. Of course, the alarm tape should not replace the parental responsibility, but there is even more to keep the safety of our little Anna in the eye. The range of 50 meters is sufficient – as soon as our Anna leaves this area, an alarm signal would sound.
Mag. Philipp H., 36, Sales Manager
My wife and I like to go on the water. For our little grandchildren we bought a water alarm set. We can connect up to three water alarm bands to one station. The bands give us extra security and we can enjoy the trip to the water even more.
Andreas W., 68, Pensionist