Self defense techniques

Basic Self Defense Techniques all Women Should Know

It is at all no secret that in the era that we live in due to various occurrences around the world personal security or lack thereof has proven to be of outmost importance. many of us have felt the need to learn how to defend ourselves should we be in a position where self defense is required.

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Whether in the confines of one’s home or outside in a busy street we all feel vulnerable these days anything can happen regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or nationality in all its forms self defense, the where with al gives you security and peace of mind in knowing that if at some point during one’s life should you be required to defend yourself or a Loved one you will be competent enough to successfully do so.

It is also no secret that women and children are more vulnerable when it comes to being violated because of size and sheer strength. It is slightly easier for an assailant to overpower a female and or a child in a violent manner thence women all across the world have requisitely set about enrolling themselves in basic self defense classes, in order to arm themselves against eminent danger that may be lurking in their midst.

Self defense varies from the basic learning of how to fight off, disarm a perpetrator, free you and go ask for help to the more intense, beating them to the pulp and causing grievous bodily harm to make sure they never set foot in your home ever again or beat themselves lessen ought that they don’t even remember the location of your residence.

Depending on your unique need for using self defense no one technique is more important than the other. The most important thing to learn about self defense is which part of the assailant’s body you want to target the most the parts that will have a damaging effect should you land in a sudden fight or lose state of affairs.

Which Parts of the Body should I target during Self Defense?

You will want to make sure that you repeatedly hit or bite the perpetrator around the go in area, the eyes, the nose, the neck, the knees, the ears and the legs. those are the parts of the body which are more vulnerable than the rest.

What Else Can I Do to Defend Myself should I find Myself a Victim of Violence?

As much as using technique is important in self defense it is also vital to be very vocal during a violent encounter as help may be a few feet away, just out of sight. So always make sure that you are yelling and screaming as loud as possible as you apply your self
defense knowledge. Use your voice to sound the alarm, let people know you are in danger so they can help, the noise you make could also scare the assailant into retreating.

Basic Self Defense Techniques

The following are 4 basic self defense moves that every woman can arm themselves with to make sure you are always ready should the opportunity to kick some butt arise:

The Upward Nose Palm Strike

Use the palm of your hand to hit your opponent upward then oases hard as you can. This will require you to be facing the assailant. This technique has been proven to be more effective and can cause more damage than hitting from the top or the side of the nose which makes it a better self defense method.

The Neck Strike
To effectively use this method for self defense you have to make sure your hand is held out with your fingers straight and your thumb tucked just below your index finger. What makes this technique sole than is that hitting the neck means you are targeting the Carotid Artery which is responsible for carrying oxygen-rich blood to the head, brain and face? If you hit hard enough you may successfully knockout your opponent cold.

The knee Kick
One of the most used and effective methods of self defense as it is useful whether the assailant caught the victims from behind or is in front of them. You simply have to be aware of where the knees are located and kick with all the strength in you. It is also more advisable to mostly target the side of the knee as that may temporarily disenable the attacker and force them to their knees in turn giving you the upper hand.

The Groin Kick
The inguinal canal in males is where the testes descend into the scrotum, in lame terms that’s the area where the penis and the testicles are located, so infighting off a male assailant during a self defense struggle that is the area you want to get to, as the possibility of doing more harm is greater in this region. Whether it’s an upward strike with your arm, knee or lower leg be sure to hit with as much force as possible. Hitting the groin area may cause shortage of breath and dizziness among others, and if done right with enough force you may manage to cause your attacker to faint.