Safety Strap for Buggies

It is essential on your part to provide a safe environment when you want to care for your baby. A baby not only needs to be safe at home but also when being carried out. Buggies are the best trolleys to take care of babies. Baby buggies have to be used correctly. For example, you must refrain from hanging shopping bags from the handles of buggies as that may cause them to tip over. It is wiser to read the instruction from the manufacturers through manuals carefully and use all safety features. The harness or safety straps should always be in place, regardless of the distance of the journey, in order to prevent fall injuries.
Buggy safety straps are specially made to fit easily on any kind of pram handle. They are all so strategically placed that they ensure the buggy does not start to roll away.

Physical Characteristics of Safety Straps for Buggies

The safety strap weighs less than even a pound. Its size dimensions are 70 cm x 2.5 cm for the shoulder belt, 60 cm x 2.5 cm for the waist belt and 40 cm x 3.2 cm for the hip belt. It is a stretch type of a wrist strap which is very handy when you want to keep yourself attached to the buggy. It is an excellent gadget, particularly, for not getting distracted easily when you are taking the baby out on busy streets by the sound of cars or while reaching for something and waving to your friends. When you use the safety strap, it helps keep the buggy secured to your wrist at all times. This is useful because it may take just a second for a buggy to move off when there is a slope and into dangerous areas. It is a five-point safety strap that has a removable rotating hook that can be manoeuvred to three hundred and sixty degrees. It is easy to handle and use.

Ordering Accessibility

While in United Kingdom, the safety strap for buggies could be delivered to all locations with England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. It could also be bought directly in all Boots stores across the country. When purchased through mail order system online, it is generally delivered within four working days. There are no charges for shipping if the orders are above 45 British Pounds.

The safety strap is an affordable safety device for your child’s pram or buggy so that it does not roll off when you are outdoors. It is comfortable for people to wear on their wrists, waists and their shoulders. It looks attractive when it is attached to a buggy. It is a necessary device for all parents and nannies who want to take their babies out in buggies. Its biggest benefit is that it secures the buggy and prevents it from rolling off.


Several users have praised the utility value of these safety straps for buggies. They have reported that these straps have given them the necessary peace of mind when they were taking their babies out on lanes in hilly areas that had dangerous slopes. Many users have documented that the safety straps are not unsightly and that they are comfortable to handle when stretched, both by men and women. These safety straps have been voted among the top five baby safety products of all time. There is plenty of praise for these straps as they are considered good value for money as a result of their durability. They are made out of neoprene and this feature makes them secure and comfortable to use.

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