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Pool safety products: These wristbands ensure your kids safety around water

A fancy swimming pool or a cute little pond are not just sources for enjoyment. For babies and little kids water might be very dangerous. Without gap less supervision and appropriate safety measure a sunny lighthearted afternoon may turn serious within minutes. But nobody, not even the most caring helicopter parents, are able to keep up full attention and focus over hours, days or even the whole summer. There will be distractions like delivery guys at your door, important telephone calls or household chores. These few minutes of misleading activities might spell life lasting doom. Using reliable alarm bands / pool safety products for kids prevents the most hunting nightmare of every parent: Putting the own children into unjustifiable risk. 8 out of 10 grandmas think very highly about this additional safety measure and wish the would have had similar devices while their were raising their children. Ask your circle of acquaintances and you will get the same results. The wristbands are easy to use and as comfortable as wearing a watch. In the moment water touches the wrist of your dearest you are going to get informed by an alarm bell and a LED light. You will be able to react immediately and help your child before long lasting damage is inflicted. Notice: The wristbands also can be used to ensure the safety of your pets or of handicapped persons under your supervision! All features of the water safety wristbands The high quality products combine highest safety standards with plenty of comfort for carriers and users alike. They act as a silent guardian. Not noticed by the children and still always in place for their protection.

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The wristbands with their sensors …

  • send their signals over a distance of 50 meters
  • are built solid and therefor protected from sand, dirt and general malfunction
  • are quickly adjustable in size
  • can be put on and removed easily – but not by your children!
  • do not need any programming or set up – Plug in and Play!
  • are supplied with battery energy

The included base station…

  • supports up to three wristbands
  • is protected by a see through protection bag
  • can be used with batteries or power adapters
  • signals low power levels
  • signals every danger with a loud noise and via blinking LED lights

The wristbands ensure safety …

  • at the swimming pool
  • on a holiday at the sea
  • in gardens with a pond or a pool
  • at a riverside
  • at a inside swimming pool
  • around a paddling pool
  • for children and & babies
  • for mentally handicapped people
  • even for various pets

Do you know all the risks water brings to toddlers – pool safety products?

Drowning is the second most common cause of child death. Even if the kids survive an incident, there are high chances for life lasting brain damage. Pediatricians highlight two worrying facts. First of all toddlers possess still oversized heads, which are harder to lift than adults might imagine. Therefor even water surfaces with as little as 10 centimeter depth may be deadly traps for very young children. Furthermore the child’s throat might be blocked by the shock of falling into the water. The little kids can not cry for help like they would do facing other dangers. Due to the blocked throat toddlers even may drown just from the shock and without liquids blocking their respiratory tract.Attention: Even late follows may harm the child when it is already far away from the water. Inhaled water may cause various kinds of health problems. Look out for unexplainable cuffs or blue lips as warning signs. Parents should never underestimate the multiple dangers of water.Additional safety measures for children around water:

  • Ensure gap less supervision
  • Child lock potentially dangerous spots
  • Train your children to swim (at around 4 years old they should start)

These safety measures are obligatory anyways. But they require a lot of time invest. At least in comparison to the the easy to use wristbands, which are additional needed protection.

Frequently Asked questions regarding the wristbands for water safety

May our children still play in sand boxes? Of course. The solid design of the wristbands make them resistant against any kind of dirt and even sand. The will stay fully functional. Will I hear the alarm signal? Yes. The signal is emitted with about 100 db. Thats similar to the noise of a closely chainsaw or a driving truck. Could it be harmful if my child puts the sensor in its mouth? No. The used materials have been checked and all test results meet the requirements and chemical limits for items used by kids and potentially end up in their mouths. What to do if the alarm goes of? Most importantly: react fast! The water safety wristbands enable you to do so. In most cases your toddler just has to shake a shock off. If the situation is more serious you have to contact an ambulance and using First Aid measures might also be crucial. Further information regarding First Aid you may find here.

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