Jewelry with alarm

Jewelry with alarm

Jewelry with alarm from Laemon – an innovation for more security

Every woman knows the feeling of being alone outside on the way home, constantly accompanied by a feeling of insecurity. The terrified look over the shoulder, the concerned texts of friends and family or the feeling of being completely on your own in an emergency. A frequent measurement is therefore, to share your live location with friends. This will allow your loved ones, to always be aware of your abode and to react if it is getting suspicious. But in a real emergency, this help can be too late.

Thus, the idea of a silent or loud alarm which every woman can trip by herself in a totally unnoticed way? This is the idea behind Laemon, an innovation which provides a totally new level of security for women on the way home. A unnoticeable piece of jewelry, which gives an alert in just a few seconds and provides security and comfort in every situation. But what is really behind the concept of Laemon and what should you know about the bracelet with the alarm? This esclusive test will give you all the answers needed.

Jewelry with alarm in a nutshell

Before the actual test, a general overview is required. What is the concept behind Laemon? Laemon is the innovative combination of modern technique and attractive design. At the first glance, the Laemon bracelet seems like a regular bracelet. But actually, there is so much more behind it. By wearing the bracelet, you are in full control. You can initiate a security alert – silently or loudly. To do so, a simple move with your hands from the left side of the bracelet to the rise side is enough. By doing so, friends and family whose contacts are saved will receive an emergency notification. The vision behind Laemon is clear and simple. It is all about making a strong statement against violence and the insecurity of women when walking alone. It is meant to provide more independency for women and give them the feeling of security which is mostly lacking.

Laemon was developed to keep you and your loved ones save in any situation. The first impression of the bracelet with alarm At the first glance, the bracelet with alarm from Laemon looks like an everyday accessory which women normally would wear. But there is a hidden button which can be activated quickly and easily.

Outstanding is the design of the piece of jewelry. First, it was expected to look rather unfashionable. But the bracelet looks more like a timeless jewelry which is available in three different designs. Especially noticeable is the weight. It is extremely light with just 100 gram and therefore easy and comfortable to wear around the wrist. With four different sizes (S, M, L and XL) being available, the bracelet is suitable for every woman. The live-test: how does the Laemon bracelet work?

The visual test is followed by the practical test: how does the bracelet work when you need it in a case of emergency? In order for the jewelry with alarm to actually trigger the emergency call, a few precautions and settings must first be made. The first step to test the full function of the bracelet, is to install the corresponding app. You can save your loved ones as emergency contacts in the Laemon app so that you can notify them directly. Saving the contacts is easy and requires only little effort. Plus, it can also be adjusted at any time. Therefore, you can easily add new contacts or change numbers.

For a valid test, an emergency situation was simulated with the typical scenario of being on the way home late in the evening. As soon as an emergency situation arises, all it takes is a hand movement from left to right and the alarm is triggered. The risk of a false alarm can be classified as rather low since the movement is carried out consciously and with a clear intention.

As soon as the alarm is triggered, either the 24/7 emergency center is notified directly, or the contacts stored in the app. The test person who was specified as the emergency contact received the exact live location within a few seconds. Both the quiet and the loud alarm were tested. The quiet alarm was the better alternative for the test situation. In medical emergencies or when you want to draw attention to yourself, the loud alarm seems to make more sense. This is activated simply by pulling on the chain on the bracelet.

Conclusion: how good is the Laemon jewelry bracelet with alarm really?

The test definitely proves: the jewelry with alarm delivers what it promises and provides a much more positive feeling of security. By saving the contacts, the relevant people can be selected themselves and if none are available, the control panel manages the alarm. Being able to switch between a silent and a loud alarm, the jewelry with alarm is the right tool for every situation and can provide exactly the help that is needed. The bracelet thus offers more security on the way home, in the event of harassment or medical emergencies – a concept that is convincing and an absolute visual highlight in a timeless design.

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