Field report from Ingrid Hofstätte

Ingrid, Hofstätter, art dealer

Work-related, I’m always on the move, but also in my leisure time I enjoy being out because of my passion for the nature and the animals. Jogging, riding the bicycle, making long distance walks and hiking with my dog are some of my favourite activities. Even on the coldest days in winter, where there are only a few hours of daylight, I don’t want to miss one of these things. Therefore, I was looking for a personal enhancement for my own safety and discovered the alarmband. Its successful, discreetly simple and beautiful design made it easy for me to wear it for any occasion. For example, when leaving the parking garage after a cultural event or when doing sports by night in the nature. Now the alarmband is my personal bodyguard. Since the day I wear it, I always feel safe and comfortable.

Owner of the gallery Hofstätter in Vienna: