The mobile SOS emergency call button with fall detector and fall detection.

Fall detection with fall alarm and SOS emergency call button:

Safe through everyday life - the fall detector with fall alarm and SOS emergency call button

The fall detector with SOS emergency call is particularly suitable for people who, for various reasons, can simply pass out and then cannot press an emergency button. This removes everyday anxiety from people in need of care and ensures safety in an emergency, no matter where. The device contains a 3-D motion sensor that measures movements in every direction. As soon as the device detects a fall, it automatically sends an SMS to up to three previously stored phone numbers that an emergency has occurred. In addition, it automatically dials the first saved number and tries to get help. If the call is not answered, it automatically dials the next saved number. If none of the stored numbers picks up, the fall detector repeats the dialing process in 5 minutes until one of the participants picks up or the SOS button is pressed. As soon as one of the stored telephone numbers picks up the call, you can make calls via the fall detector as you would with a normal mobile phone. The device recognizes a fall based on several criteria. It must register an impact based on the angle of fall and it must be in a lying position for 10 seconds.

Fall detector
Fall detector for seniors
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Always up to date where there is an emergency

For the fall detector to work, no internet connection is required, just a cellular network. Relatives are automatically notified by SMS and phone call in the event of an emergency. The fall detector also has an alarm button that can be used without a previous fall. If this is pressed for longer than 3 seconds, the first 3 stored numbers are also notified by SMS and all numbers are called until someone picks up.

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Always well informed where the emergency is

It is not always clear where someone is in an emergency. For example, an emergency can arise while taking a walk. Every authorized telephone number has the option of requesting the exact position from the fall detector. The device then sends an SMS with the exact coordinates and a link that can be used to see the exact position on Google Maps.

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Easy to use

The fall detector is small and handy and can be taken anywhere. The fall detector is charged via a USB cable and a power supply unit. In standard mode, the device has to be recharged every 2 to 3 days, depending on usage. In economy mode, the battery can last up to 20 days. Details →

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All benefits at a glance

The fall detector and fall detection as a quick and safe aid ...

  • Is small and handy
  •  Has a long battery life
  • Fall detection for children and the elderly
  • Voice monitoring
  • Two-way voice communication
  • SOS emergency button
  • Positioning with GPS satellites
  • GSM positioning if GPS satellite signal is not available (e.g. subway, basement, ...)
  • Supports A-GPS for faster positioning
  • Answers with a map link of the current position
  • Rechargeable 900mAh lithium battery. Standby time: 30 days
  • Built-in 3D G-sensor for movement, impact warning and power management
  • 8 MB flash memory
  • Data recording of up to 60,000 positions
  • Micro USB charger and cable
Fall detector
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For me an extremely compact and safe fall alarm with cellular functionality. Ideal as I live alone and have fallen before. This means that I can continue to be independent and still not be alone in an emergency. Excellent!

Dr. Bernd H. from Wolfsberg, 78

I am very stunned! The operation of the device is very simple. It also makes me feel safe again on my morning walks, as the family always knows where to find me in an emergency.

Giesela M. from Neusiedel am See, 68

We bought the device for our 84 year old grandma. Setting up and programming by us was as easy as using and using them. Since then, the built-in GPS function and the fall sensor have given us all a feeling of security.

Peter P. from Sonntagberg, 44