Whistle GPS Pet Tracker

Whistle GPS Pet Tracker for dogs and cats

Not many people are aware that more than ten million pets are missing every year across the world. Out of these, less than five per cent of cats and less than twenty per cent of gods get reunited with their owners.

Pet trackers have been made available for pet owners. They are devices that use advanced global positioning strategy (GPS) and wireless technology so that the location and activity of pets could be tracked. They give the much required peace of mind to pet owners. With such kind of activity tracking, you will be able to monitor the daily activities of your pets and spot their trends on a long term basis. You can share this information with your veterinarian to help keep your pet safe and healthy.

We will be covering two devices that can help track your pet dogs and cats. One is Tractive’s GPS Pet Tracker and the other is Whistle GPS.

Tractive GPS Pet Tracker

Tractive manufactures pet wearables and it also builds pet apps for Windows, Android and iOS phones. They have also developed an image gallery called Tractive Photos to generate an ecosystem for all pet lovers and pet owners.

The Tractive GPs device for tracking pets helps you in locating dogs or cats and other pets at any place and at any time. You can spot the current location of your pet in real time. It shows this location on an interactive map. You will be able to trigger the Live Tracking Function and the position of your pet will be updated within seconds.

(Source: www.tractive.com)

A safe zone could be defined and it will work as a virtual fence for your pet. When your pet leaves this zone, you will receive information instantly on your smart phone. It will also notify you with a twenty-four hour history of all places that your pet has been to. This is an ideal device that has several important features. It not only gathers information about the location of your pet but it is also light and small to carry with a dimension of 41 mm x 51 mm x 15 mm. It weighs only thirty five grams. This device communicated with the app through cellular networks. The location of your pet could be seen from any web app or a mobile device. An integrated light source has been provided to help you locate your pet even in the dark. It is waterproof and it cannot get damaged when it is raining.

Whistle GPS


This is a device that is very useful for your pets. It not only helps you find them if hey are lost but also prevents pets from straying far away from your location. It presents a feature for activity tracking. It gives you a helpful insight into the well being of your pet.

Whistle GPS cannot be considered as a microchip as it is not placed under your pet’s skin to help identify its location; instead, this system is made up of a device that is light in weight. It has a tracker which fits on top of the collar of your pet and then communicates with base stations that are also utilized to charge the battery of the tracker.

A Whistle zone could be created and that will define the region where your pet spends most of its waking time. When your pet strays out of this zone, you will get a notification through a text message or an email. You can use the app’s website or your mobile apps to track and locate your pet at any time of the day. All notifications are customizable.

It is light in weight and weighs a little over an ounce. It is water-resistant and durable. It has a long battery life and the battery of the tracker can be recharged quickly.

The Whistle Activity Monitor is a device that could be placed on the collar of your pet to measure its activities and that includes its walks, rest and play. It will give you a perspective on the daily behavior and health trend of your pet.

This device has been supported by veterinary research as your pet’s health measure from institutions such as the University of California at Davis and the University of Pennsylvania.

It has a modern design and the Whistle app could be used from your mobile devices to keep a check on your pets and share memorable moments with friends and family members.