The Alarmbands team

About Us

High-tech on your wrist makes life easier – and better. Peter Morri is convinced of this. In 2016 he founded the company “Alarmbands”, which develops and represents smart wearables. Alarmbands' products include emergency call bracelets for seniors, but also alarm bracelets for women.

Smart wearables for a safe everyday life

Women's everyday lives in particular are often restricted by security aspects; for example, women avoid certain streets or parks that do not appear safe. The emergency call bracelet allows women to go about their everyday lives without any restrictions and not have to worry about jogging in the park in the evening. The same applies to the emergency call bracelet from Alarmbands: Thanks to the bracelet, seniors live their everyday lives in their familiar surroundings without any restrictions - and are still safe. As soon as an emergency occurs, such as a fall, seniors can activate the emergency call and inform their relatives. High-tech on your wrist makes life easier!

Peter Morri, founder and CEO

After studying business administration in Vienna, Peter Morri went to the USA to complete further studies in the field of “Banking and Finance” at Purdue University in Indiana. As an entrepreneur with a penchant for new ideas, Peter Morri worked for various start-ups, especially in the sales area. Most recently, Peter Morri was managing director of a security company that developed alarm systems and video surveillance systems. He was excited by his sister's idea of ​​developing and selling smart emergency call bracelets for women and seniors. “After all,” says Morri, “the need for security is becoming ever greater. People not only want to protect their goods, but above all themselves.”

A chic accessory for more safety in everyday life

The Morri siblings are in tune with the zeitgeist with their smart wearables. Seniors want to live at home in their familiar surroundings for as long as possible - and still not forego security. As you get older, the risk of accidents at home, dizziness or circulatory problems increases. Fast help is particularly important!