SOS emergency bracelet

SOS emergency bracelet

Protection and security are increasingly coming to the fore and are becoming more and more important for each and every one of us every day. However, children and young people in particular are constantly being targeted, as are more and more women. But what about the slightly older people among us? They may also find themselves in certain situations where help is needed and an emergency call must be made. Whether it’s a serious injury, a fire in the home or an unwanted burglar, there are plenty of dangers. This article will show how senior citizens in particular can protect themselves so that they are not alone in such situations.

So-called senior bracelets are a great way to always be a little safer on the road. You can find out which types are available in Austria and what functions they have here:

SOS emergency bracelet:

  1. In Austria, the LifeCall brand in particular is a pioneer when it comes to security for senior citizens. In addition to some products for the home, such as emergency telephones or fire alarms, they also offer an alarm bracelet for senior citizens, which is equipped with a button and a fall sensor, linked to one of their telephones.

The device can be worn comfortably on the wrist, is waterproof and can therefore be used in the bath or shower and is extremely user-friendly with just one large red button. One press of a button triggers the emergency call and the LifeCall home emergency call center is notified within seconds.

The drop sensor greatly enhances the product and is automatically triggered in the event of a serious fall. The drop sensor is of course only triggered if a severe shock occurs. A vibration pre-alarm is then triggered, which can be canceled if it is not a fall. If the system is not switched off and the situation is indeed delicate, an emergency call is sent to the LifeCall center and help is rushed.

The cost of this product (always in combination with the home telephone) is € 17.90 per month if you have a landline connection, otherwise it is € 26.00.

  1. Another popular product is the call aid from the Austrian Red Cross, which works in the same way as the call aid from LifeCall. The SOS emergency bracelet can also be worn around the wrist at all times.

Here too, the emergency call center is alerted via the base station at the simple press of a button and help is on the spot as quickly as possible.

The big difference between the two products is definitely the price. With the Red Cross variant, the basic package with a landline costs € 26.00 per month and if you don’t have this, it costs € 39.00.

  1. Another provider that is not yet active in Austria, but soon will be, is called “Zembro”. This company offers a very innovative approach to the function of senior citizens’ wristbands and will probably also be very successful in Austria.

It can be said to be the most modern senior bracelet, if only because of its appearance. Elegant designs in black and beige show that safety for senior citizens can also be modern. The difference to the two other emergency call bands is that it is not the emergency call but the family that is alerted, a location is sent and you can then make calls via the watch.

The cost of this product is € 26.00 per month.

Thanks to these great products, senior citizens no longer have to worry about living alone or leaving the house alone – with a senior citizens’ wristband, they are always safe on the move, even in old age.