The indispensable companion for more safety and well-being

This innovative alarm smartwatch was specifically developed for the needs of older people to ensure them maximum security and autonomy in everyday life. Equipped with an emergency SOS button, automatic fall detection, blood pressure and heart rate monitoring as well as precise GPS tracking, the watch offers comprehensive support in everyday life.


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Smartwatch for seniors: Modern communication meets security

Developed to make the everyday lives of older people safer and more communicative, the smartwatch is characterized by a user-friendly interface and the highest safety standards. The combination of modern technology with the need for ease of use is at the heart of this innovative device.

No matter where your loved ones are - the high-quality smartwatch ensures reliable security and constant accessibility everywhere. With features such as emergency SOS, automatic fall detection and health monitoring, the watch offers seniors the freedom to stay active while knowing that help will be available quickly in an emergency.


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Further information

What's behind the smartwatch for seniors?

The variety of functions of the smartwatch for seniors

Emergency SOS and fall detection:
Thanks to state-of-the-art sensors and algorithms, falls can be detected automatically and SOS signals with location information can be sent for quick assistance. A prominent SOS button also enables immediate alerting in emergencies.

Chronic Illness Management:
The watch enables remote health monitoring, including blood glucose monitoring, oxygen saturation, heart rate monitoring and sleep analysis, to ensure wearers' well-being around the clock.

Geo-fence security:
Create geo-zones for additional security. You will receive instant notifications when the watch enters or leaves the designated safety zones, which is particularly beneficial for Alzheimer's patients.

Family communication and social interaction:
The smartwatch promotes communication and allows sharing health data, setting reminders for medications and meals, thereby maintaining a constant connection with family members.

Technological bridge:
Supports secure online transactions and communication, allowing older people to operate safely in the digital space.


Constant certainty about whereabouts

In an emergency, every second counts. The smartwatch not only offers extensive communication options, but also precise location in real time. By integrating advanced positioning technologies such as GPS, Beidou and WiFi, the wearer's location can be determined instantly and accurately.

Design and technical specifications:

The smartwatch features a 1,28″ AMOLED touchscreen display, durable materials and stylish design. IP68 waterproofness and a long battery life make it the ideal companion for everyday life. Thanks to 4G connectivity, users stay connected anytime, anywhere, supported by efficient fast charging.

All benefits at a glance

299,90  VAT included.

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What do our customers say?

The satisfaction and safety of our customers are our top priority. Here, three users share their experiences with the innovative smartwatch for seniors and its influence on their everyday life and that of their families.

“My mother suffers from early dementia and her safety has always been a major concern for us. Choosing this smartwatch was a turning point for us. Thanks to the fall detection and SOS function, we feel reassured that quick action will be taken in an emergency. The ability to track their location gives us additional security without limiting their independence. It’s reassuring to know that if she needs help, she’s just a push of a button away.”

Giesela M. Neusiedel am See, 54

When my father decided to live alone despite his diabetes, we were all worried. This smartwatch has brought peace to all of us. The continuous monitoring of his health data and the medication reminder function are invaluable. He doesn't feel patronized by the discreet monitoring, and we are reassured that we will be informed immediately in the event of an emergency. We particularly appreciate the blood sugar monitoring, which helps him better manage his condition.”

Peter P. Sonntagberg, 44

“As a passionate hiker in retirement, it was important to me to stay active even in old age. But my children were always worried about my safety. With this smartwatch we have found the perfect solution. The GPS feature allows my kids to track my hikes, and the fall detection gives us all a sense of security. Now I enjoy my freedom in nature without my family having to worry unnecessarily. It’s an incredible feeling to have technology that supports me without limiting my independence.”

Dr. Bernd H. Wolfsberg, 74

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