Self-defense tips for women

Due to the large influx of refugees, attacks on women have recently increased. We have put together the most important tips on how women can protect themselves against cowardly attacks from men.

  • Don't constantly look at your cell phone, but walk through the world attentively. Avoid dangers. For example, change the side of the street when you come across a man or a group of men that you have a strange feeling about.
  • If an encounter with pushy men cannot be avoided, for example at a bus stop or at the train station, then posture and non-verbal communication are extremely important. Appear confidently around men. If you sit, be sure to stand up. Say “Stop!” by extending your arms in front of your body, palms facing forward. This is how you automatically signal to the man: This far and no further. There's a good chance the man will then leave. Confident women intimidate most men and they literally tuck in.
  • A man's weak points are his genitals, nose and larynx. Try hitting these areas with a punch or a kick. It is also good if you use objects to increase your physical strength. Such as a ballpoint pen, an umbrella or a handbag. If the man grabs you from behind, you should hit him between the legs. The man then automatically tips forward. Now you can headbutt him with the back of your head. The man lets go of you and you can run away. However, this requires a little training, which you can get from a self-defense course.
  • A pepper spray should be stored within easy reach and tested beforehand. The spray must be unlocked. You should have done this beforehand and it will also be taught to you in a self-defense course for women. If you spray it in the eyes of the perpetrator, he will be incapacitated for 45 minutes.
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