Sifu Martin Löhnert, headmaster of the WTSD

Since 2001, Martin Löhnert has been working as a full-time WingTsun teacher in the area of ​​“behavior, self-protection and self-defense” in dangerous situations, specializing in working with children and women.

A large number of “techniques” are not necessary for successful self-defense, as these only play a role of 10-20%.

Much more important is strengthening self-confidence, recognizing one's own strength and ability to act, as well as constructive behavioral and mental training - even under stress.

Using everyday objects as makeshift weapons (e.g. keychain, handbag, lighter, newspaper, etc.) also contributes significantly to escaping a dangerous situation as quickly as possible.


Martin Löhnert


Phone: +43 664 335 98 77

Address: Arbeiterstrandbadstrasse 128, A-1220 Vienna.

“Many of our customers use this Alarm tape of alarm bands instead of a pocket siren or pepper spray,” Martin Löhnert.

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