Safety Tips woman

Safety Tips for Women who walk alone at night

5 Safety Tips for Women who walk alone at night

It is never too cautious to tell our mothers, sisters, wives, girlfriends and daughters not to walk home alone when it is late at night. It is a pitiful state that the governments, the police and our community members do not even move their little fingers when it comes to social conscience and making the streets and lanes safe for women to walk alone at night.

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There are numerous occasions when a woman has to walk alone at night. It is possible that college girls are doing a group study for final exams and they may be studying till quite late in the night and they may have to walk alone to reach their homes. There are several universities who offer late night transportation facilities such as `Saferide’. These services could be used by calling them and students, staff and faculty could avail of them.

Many stories have been heard how women have been robbed, assaulted and raped when they were walking home alone at night. There are five important safety tips for women who have to walk home all alone at night.

5 Safety Tips Woman

  1. It is essential for all women walking alone at night to be conscious of their surrounding and not be in their own world with their headphones. It is important to hear and sense danger through movements and sounds. There are ways you could enhance your hearing abilities through various techniques of listening.  It is smarter to use the phone when you are walking alone at night. You can call a friend who is located nearest to you at that point of time and keep giving an update so that your friend gets a fair idea of where you are at any given moment.
  2. Carry a whistle in the shape of a personal alarm. There are numerous whistle keychain alarms. It is better not to carry these things in your purse or bag. They should be kept within easy reach in your pockets so that you could access them quickly.
  3. Wear appropriate clothes and shoes that allow you to run fast, when required. It is quite a vulnerable situation when a woman has to run from an assailant or an attacker in a pair of high heels.
  4. Learn the art of self defense when attacked. It is worth every cent if you pay to learn techniques of basic self defense when attacked while walking alone at night. It is better to gain hands on experience with such techniques. It is of immense value to you to attend personal safety education workshops. Learning skills in self defense can help you remain alert and raise your levels of awareness. They can also help you calm down your fears and apprehensions about walking alone at night. They will allow you many choices that could be used in cases of emergency.
  5. If you can carry a weapon, do so. Using a weapon has to be the last resort strategy when you are attacked while walking alone at night. A weapon such as a licensed gun or a knife is quite advantageous as it levels the playing field with all types of intruders. You can learn how to use a knife properly. Being prepared is the best form of gaining confidence and you have to remember that attack is the best form of defence when you are cornered.