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Safety Tips for Female Runners

Runners: Safety Tips for Running in the Dark

Some people find it extremely exciting an enjoyable to run in the dark or at night. Others do it out of necessity because in the daytime they simply have no time for running, jogging or any workout for that matter. While it is a pleasurable and beneficial activity, it is also dangerous because you cannot be fully aware of your surroundings because of the darkness. One of the most obvious safety tips is to take along a friend while running. But if you absolutely have to run alone, here are some safety tips to follow to return home safe and sound.

To avoid being hit or run over by a speeding car, wear bright and reflective clothing when you go out for a running session. This way the drivers would be able to see you even from a distance. In some areas there are no street lights, and so to see clearly in the dark to avoid obstacles and stumbling, you must carry a torch or any other wearable light. This also helps to see any dangerous insect like scorpion or a snake and keep a safe distance.

Runners are in the habit of listening to music and using earphones while running. While this can be really enjoyable in the daytime, it is simply not recommended when you have to run in the dark. Always keep yourself alert to listen to any suspicious sounds and stay away from danger. Not only your sight but also your hearing should not be distracted during this activity.

It is recommended to choose a well-populated area for running particularly if you’re all alone. These areas are usually adequately illuminated and are safe for outdoor activities even at night. Your face should be towards the oncoming traffic so you need to run at the left side of the road. Keep this rule always in mind when running in the dark to avoid accidents. Some people like to take along their dog when they have to run in the dark. This is a very good idea indeed because a dog can protect you from any possible danger.

If you are already familiar with self-defense tactics you’re good to go. If not, it is advisable to spend some time learning these tactics and carrying some sort of a self-defense spray in your pocket in case you come across a thief, mugger, or pickpocket. It is also recommended to wear your ID card at all times so that the police would be able to recognize you and carry you home in case of an emergency situation. While nobody wants to encounter such situations, it is a good idea to be extra careful just in case.

Always be aware of your surroundings even if you are equipped with all the necessary tools to face a dangerous situation. Some unexpected event might happen and at the moment it is sometimes difficult to react sensibly. Don’t carry an expensive cellphone with you but in case you need to dial a number for help, keep a plain old cheap cellphone with you that can only be used for calling. Even if somebody steals or snatches it from you, you wouldn’t have any regrets.

Usually runners turn to running in the dark when fall season starts. While the activity is quite fruitful and entertaining, there are some points to keep in mind while running alone. Not only there are thieves and muggers looking for such opportunities, but there are also some other elements like insects and snakes that can go unnoticed because of the darkness. Follow the above mentioned tips to steer clear of danger and other harmful elements characteristic of sheer darkness.

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