Safety bracelet for children

Safety bracelet for children

We don't want our children to be in need Concerned parents know it. The child is reaching the age where it makes its first forays without mom and dad. The circle gets bigger, and so does the circle of friends... And also the possible dangers. Now you cannot take a child into preventive detention and isolate him from the outside world. Nevertheless, you want to ensure as much security as possible. So what to do? Apart from rules of conduct and the appropriate upbringing, which cannot be taken over from the parents, one can ensure that in the event of an emergency, such as an accident, other adults can quickly establish contact with the parents. The 70s neck pouch with information such as address and telephone number has evolved into a more modern version: the safety bracelet for children.

What can the safety bracelet for children do?

The bracelet can usually be worn comfortably on the wrist, can be seen as quickly and cannot be lost as easily as a bag or pendant. So that the little ones don't take off the bracelet and put it in as soon as they are out of sight of their parents because they might be embarrassed in front of friends, there are now countless different versions from different manufacturers. In every color, shape and material imaginable, there is something to suit the tastes of every little person on earth. Important: The safety bracelet for children should fit securely and actually be worn. So it's probably better to involve the future wearer when making the selection, otherwise the good piece will quickly disappear in your pocket outside of your own four walls. The information for emergencies should be easy to find and clear; too many flourishes or gimmicks that, for example, reproduce the telephone number nicely but unclearly are of little help. Depending on the material and taste, there are corresponding bracelets from around €4 up to very unusual pieces in the 5-digit range. However, one can certainly question whether a child is actually safer with a silver-plated bracelet than with other materials.  

Apart from pure bracelets with emergency information, the safety bracelet for children has another function: GPS-supported bracelets or wristwatches. A good example is the “Kids Watch from Alarmbands” – GPS watch for children.

Product info

The watch can be precisely located at any time using a GPS signal. Parents can then have the data sent directly to their smartphone using the appropriate app. This means the location of the little ones can always be checked, even on vacation. The child can also be called, so the watch is also a quasi-cell phone. A short message can be sent for simple messages such as the message that the food is ready. In the event of an emergency, the watch is equipped with an emergency button; simply pressing it establishes a voice connection so that parents and children can speak to each other directly. An additional function is worth mentioning: the geo fence. A delimited area can be marked out using the app. If the watch leaves this area, a corresponding message is sent. A sensor also detects whether the watch needs to be removed. The technical possibilities allow virtually complete “monitoring”. Whether and to what extent you actually want to use this remains a question that everyone has to decide for themselves. But there may be life situations in which such an option can be of great help. If you are planning to buy a safety bracelet for children, you should budget between €8 and €30, depending on the promotional or list price.