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Never walk alone – Emergency Call Apps

Plenty of reasons might turn the way home into a dangerous journey. Some parts of town could be pretty unpredictable. Drunks roam the streets at night and spontaneously decide to raid people who are just passing by.

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Kids might even be exposed to various dangers during the daytime or they just get distracted on the way back home from school and get lost. But modern technology even helps out in these situations. Equipped with the right app you do not have to face the creepiest parts of town on your own and you even can ensure your kid’s safety on the way home.

The Safety App Companion app made in the USA

This application has been designed by a group of students from the University of Michigan. It is comfortable and easy to use. First of all the destination and method of transportation is chosen. Before the trip starts a companion out of all your contacts gets informed. Your guardian angel for your way home does not have to download the app. So a new companion can be chosen every day and every night. In most cases someone who knows the neighborhood is the best choice. But sometimes it just can be the guy or girl you trust the most at the moment.

During the walk the smartphone moves right back into your pocket. If a certain event is triggered, like a deviation from the path, the application will automatically ask about your well being. If you do not respond within 15 seconds with an “Ok” your companion will be informed immediately. Appropriate countermeasures can be initiated from that point on.

Attention: Chose a trigger that is fitting your route. Even just unplugging the ear pieces could trigger the check of your current status.

Notice: If you chose a companion who is familiar with your route, the chances of an appropriate response are increased. Sometimes the authorities should be contacted right away, while in other situations a simple phone call can do the job just fine.

The app user also can trigger the alarm manually by pressing the alarm button on the display. The right button can be reached quite easily, even as the smartphone is still in the pocket. Just reach in and contact your companion without anyone around noticing it. Furthermore the app got a social function.

You may inform other people about dangerous spots by pressing the „I’m nervous“ button. These hot spots can be controlled more frequently after you provided this information with the Companion app.

The Companion Safety app is a free download for iOS or Android systems

The KommGutHeim app made in Germany

Some students in Regensburg had a similar idea and designed this German application. It serves the same general purpose. You are able to invite one or more contacts to watch over you on your way home or on your trip out in the woods.

Notice: On the App’s Facebook page the developers suggest always new ways to use their little helper. You can feel save while you go horseback riding or hiking using KommGutHeim.

While this app does not have the social function, which Companion provides, KommGutHeim got another interesting feature. Some potentially crucial data will be saved for two weeks. In the worst case scenario your last position, your battery stand and your entire route might be some helpful information. KommGutHeim also contacts your companion at the moment you leave the planned path or when you are pressing the emergency button. You are able to see who is guarding your way. There is just a little disadvantage. All your companions have to install the app as well. But as it is a free download, this should not be a big problem.

The KommGutHeim app is a free download for iOS and Android systems!

Potential sources of danger

Out in the nature just the knowledge about someones position could save lifes. In town it might get a little bit more tricky to avoid all possible dangers, but this makes these little programmes even more helpful.

The App and your virtual companion protect you by…

  • pointing out if you deviate from the right path.
  • pointing out if you change your speed and might have to flee.
  • telling your companion to contact the authorities (emergency button).
  • telling your companion to phone you (emergency button). This simple act already might ease the situation.
  • triggering a check up on you.
  • informing the community about dangerous hot spots (only Companion app).
  • saving the way you took and your last position (only KommGutHeim app).

Approaching a potential dangerous group of people in a wrong way could escalate a situation quite quickly. Avoiding eye contact might mark you as prey, while starring too intensely could be a sign of aggression. Just being on the phone and having a witness on the other side of the line may help very much to bypass a dangerous looking group. It also can enhance your self confidence. So the apps help in some ways much more than someone might think.

Notice: The download is free. So even if the apps do not help they also do not harm. No reason not to give it a try!