Running in the dark

What's the safest way to jog in the dark?

A question for the runners among us and all those who want to become runners: In the morning before work or university Laufen go? Before you've even had a coffee? – Hardly anyone is an early riser and still has the motivation to go jogging. Well, even if it is, for most runners among us this is and remains the most popular time to Run still go in the evenings. Well, probably anything but scary in the summer, but in the fall or winter? This cold and this Darkness? After all, that's it dusk From October onwards it is already noticeable before the end of the working day. That's why here are a few helpful tips to safely clear your head in the evening.

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One of the most important aspects is clothing! It really pays off to invest in breathable clothing (preferably with visible reflectors). First of all, it should be breathable to avoid the flu. You are already stressed and weakened enough during the cold seasons. But even more important is visibility Dark. They could quickly overlook cars, cyclists or other “dangers”. The best thing would be to wear a high-visibility vest over your clothing. Does that look good then? No matter, it is anyway dark. Better unfashionable Laufen than being run over by a car.

Well, that settles the matter of clothing. It is not only important that they are seen, but also that they see something! This means that the headlamp is for runners dark a must-have. And if you think a headlamp would be impractical - no, quite the opposite! It offers a running experience that you have never had before. The visibility with a headlamp gives you a great overview and a feeling of safety. It's best to try it out yourself.

If you take these tips to heart, you will probably no longer have to worry about being hit by a car or generally not being seen. But for many (especially women) the question arises: How do I protect myself from others? The most practical and cost-effective tip for this is: Alarm tape! You probably know pocket sirens, but which ones Run are rather unpleasant. That's why that is Alarm tape, which you wear like a watch and which provides great protection because it is always ready to hand, a great solution for jogging in absolute safety. The alarm bands are available in different colors and start at €24,00.

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