Protective measures for lone workers
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Protective measures for lone workers

Effective protective measures for employees who spend a large part of their working hours working alone are often left to fend for themselves in dangerous situations. Many mines, mining companies, laboratories and hazard centers that work with explosive, toxic or heavy materials employ experts, miners and specialists who not only have to be very careful in general but also spend long hours alone at work. Even with security services and security companies, there are many moments in which employees can only rely on their own experience or an advanced emergency call system to protect themselves in an emergency.

Through a certified lone work protection system, dangerous lone work can be carried out in accordance with regulations in these areas in accordance with DIN V VDE V 0825-1. This DIN is a preliminary standard according to which personal emergency signal systems must be aligned so that the safety of employees is always guaranteed and help can be called immediately if emergencies occur. The personal alarm is then automatically forwarded to a personal emergency signal receiving center. According to Section 8 Paragraph 2 of the German statutory accident insurance regulation, every employer is obliged to take appropriate measures to protect employees who work alone. And you can now do this 100% with the innovative and clever emergency calls from Alarmbands.

Here you will find our selection of emergency watches for lone worker protection

Employees who work alone in companies are exposed to difficult working conditions:

They often work far away from other premises and often travel several distances, such as in mines, laboratories or high-security zones.
In an emergency, employees cannot rely on quick help from other colleagues.
In the event of physical failure, they cannot be immediately discovered or called for help.
In danger zones, automatic safety barriers react and can lock the employee in, putting them in mortal danger.
Companies where working conditions are made more difficult by working alone must ensure that their employees are particularly protected and are equipped with a functioning emergency call system. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Act, a maximum of 15 minutes should pass before help arrives. The complex measures here include software systems that react automatically when they detect that an employee is no longer moving or is lying on the ground. Emergency signals are then immediately sent to the emergency call centers. If the employee is immobile or impaired due to an accident, violence or health reasons, cameras and technical signals react immediately and are put on alert. This protects not only the affected employees, but also third parties from the consequences of an emergency.

Modern protective measures on the body ensure the safety of your employees

With the smart emergency call watches, offers your company a safe and innovative way to equip all employees with functioning protective measures when working alone. In an emergency, every second is valuable and so that rescuers and helpers can locate and care for the casualty as quickly as possible, this watch is a valuable aid. The life-saving emergency call watch directly calls the pre-saved contacts via a built-in SIM card as soon as the SOS button is pressed for 3 seconds. The watch can be located anywhere outdoors using GPS. In a building, the position of the clock can be quickly located via an existing WiFi network. The emergency call watch with GPS, suitable for every company, is also protected against misuse by a PIN code. Saving lives and protecting employees is now even more feasible with this smart security system.

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