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Can I make calls using the emergency call watch?

Yes, the watch supports telephone functions and allows you to send and receive calls and audio messages, similar to a cell phone.

The security subscription for €9,90 per month offers unlimited access to the mobile network in Europe, support via email and telephone, as well as updates and expansions of product functions.

For an additional €9,90 per month, the package provides access to a 24/7 emergency call center, which includes guaranteed alarm acceptance and handling, as well as alerting emergency services if necessary.

GPS tracking enables precise location determination in real time, allowing the wearer's exact position to be determined at any time, which is particularly useful in emergencies.

The app serves as an interface for managing the watch, retrieving health data, setting alarms, checking the time and date display and determining position.

The watch continuously measures important vital signs such as pulse and blood pressure and can also be used as a pedometer to monitor daily activity.

When the emergency button is pressed, the watch automatically sends an alarm to the emergency call center or to previously specified contacts and at the same time transmits the current GPS position.

The watch is waterproof and can be worn during everyday activities such as washing hands or in the rain, but is not suitable for swimming or immersion in water.

If you require further information or have a specific question that is not answered here, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service.

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More questions?
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