Frequently Asked Questions

Can the bracelet track my location even without an active emergency call?

No, GPS tracking only activates in an emergency when the SOS button is pressed to maintain privacy.

Yes, all transmitted data is securely encrypted to protect your personal information and location data.

Accidentally triggered alarms can be deactivated quickly and easily via the bracelet or the associated app.

The 24/7 emergency call center can be optionally added to the service and offers professional support and response in the event of an emergency at any time.

Pressing the SOS button immediately triggers an alarm and calls for help, with the integrated GPS tracking providing the exact location of the wearer.

The bracelet allows clear voice calls for both receiving and sending, ensuring communication in emergencies.

If you require further information or have a specific question that is not answered here, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service.

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More questions?
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Maximum safety for every situation

The emergency call bracelet for seniors offers crucial security at the touch of a button. Equipped with an integrated SOS button, the bracelet allows the user to quickly and efficiently call for help in an emergency. Accurate GPS tracking ensures that the wearer's location is shared immediately, guaranteeing rapid assistance.

In addition, the bracelet's telephony function allows you to make and receive calls directly on your wrist, which not only offers security but also a valuable connection to the outside world. This combination of emergency call and communication capabilities makes the bracelet particularly valuable for seniors who want to maintain their independence.

Simplicity and support that inspire trust

The emergency call bracelet is specifically designed to be easy to use, with large, easy-to-identify buttons, ideal for seniors with or without prior technical knowledge. The associated app makes it possible to make individual settings and manage emergency contacts efficiently.

Alarmbands also offers excellent customer service, assisting customers with initial setup and available to answer any additional questions or concerns. This includes technical support and advice on how to optimally use the bracelet, helping to realize the full potential of the product and ensuring peace of mind in everyday life.

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