Frequently Asked Questions

Is the smartwatch waterproof?

Yes, the watch is IP68 certified and therefore waterproof and dustproof.

Yes, the watch supports calendar functions and reminders, which can be managed via the associated app.

Yes, the smartwatch supports 4G connections and allows you to make and receive calls directly from the device.

The scope of delivery includes the smartwatch, a magnetic USB charging cable, German instructions, a SIM card opener, a free SIM card (DE or AT), and a replaceable bracelet. Alarmbands also offers a 30-day return guarantee, allowing you to cancel your purchase within this period.

The watch automatically detects falls and sends an alarm that transmits the location to predefined contacts.

The watch offers heart rate measurement, blood oxygen and blood sugar monitoring, and sleep tracking.

With the smartwatch you receive a Congstar prepaid SIM card, usable for €5/month including 100 free minutes and 9 cents/SMS. Activation is optional and the tariff can be canceled monthly. In Austria there is a yesss! SIM card for €4,99/month with 500 minutes and 200MB data delivered, also without a contract.

The smartwatch uses GPS, Beidou and WiFi for precise multiple positioning.

The smartwatch is compatible with Android 5.0/iOS 10 or higher and can be connected to your smartphone via an associated app.

If you require further information or have a specific question that is not answered here, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service.

More questions?
More questions?
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Comprehensive security and advanced health monitoring

The “Smartwatch for Seniors” is tailored to support the daily safety and health of older people. With an easily accessible SOS emergency button, the watch provides quick access to help in an emergency by automatically sending an emergency notification with the wearer's current GPS coordinates. This feature is crucial for quick response times in critical situations.

In addition, the smartwatch offers a comprehensive range of health monitoring functions. Users benefit from monitoring their blood oxygen levels, blood sugar levels, heart rate and sleep quality. These advanced measurement features allow users to proactively take care of their health and improve their quality of life.

Intuitive communication and personalized customization

The watch allows users to make and receive calls directly from their wrist through its 4G capability, making communication with family and friends much easier. This connectivity is particularly valuable for seniors who want to maintain active contact with their loved ones. In addition to the telephony function, the smartwatch has innovative fall detection, which automatically triggers an emergency call in the event of a fall to guarantee immediate support.

Users can personalize the watch via an easy-to-use app compatible with Android 5.0 and iOS 10 or later. In addition, Alarmbands customers have dedicated customer service available. Our team specializes in providing technical support and ensuring users can realize the full potential of their smartwatch.

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