pocket alarm

Pocket alarm in comparison

My name is Mia and I recently moved to Vienna to study. The move was a big step for me because I come from a very small village in Salzburg. Nevertheless, I took the step and am actually very happy with my decision. However, there are a few aspects that I don't quite understand yet in Austria's only big city.

I'm generally a rather fearful or rather attentive girl when it comes to attacks or anything else. In my opinion, it's a good thing not to be naive and I don't put myself in danger pointlessly. But my problem is that I love running. And since I'm a morning person, I prefer to go jogging in the evening at dusk. Well, first of all, I don't know much about Vienna and I usually just go for a run or go for a run in Praterallee or Schönbrunn. Actually beautiful areas, but in the dark I always had a bad feeling and couldn't enjoy jogging like I usually did.

That's why I thought about equipping myself a little better in addition to the reflective clothing and my headlamp, which of course I always wear. So I informed myself and based on reports from other runners I made my decision. So I bought two different pocket alarms and then put them to the test.

pocket alarm

My personal experience report:

The first model I tested is from the brand “Pentatech” and I bought it from Saturn for just €8,99. This pocket alarm device is very handy, has a small flashlight and at 115 dB the volume is also quite ok. However, it is clearly not a model for sports. What bothered me the most was the cord that you can hang around your neck. So in my opinion it's actually just a pocket alarm for your handbag, since the cord is the trigger. This means that if you hang the pocket alarm around your neck while running, the alarm will go off accidentally. Well, attracting unnecessary attention really wasn't my goal. It was also very annoying for me to wear it around my neck while running because the alarm was dangling the whole time and is relatively short. However, if you want to use this model for a different purpose than I do, it is quite practical as it can be used over and over again and does not require batteries.

And finally ... In my experience, only buy it if you want to protect yourself from pickpockets or simply want to use it when going out and in everyday life. In my opinion, not perfect for jogging.

The second model that I tested was from the “Xavax” brand and only cost me €9,00 at Saturn. This pocket alarm is also okay in terms of size and shape and also had a volume of 115 dB. However, in terms of use, this model is a little different from the first. The first point that I don't find very practical is that this pocket siren only works with batteries and therefore cannot be used constantly without any problems. What also bothered me was the function of the cord, which you can hang around your neck. A positive aspect, however, is that you can alternatively activate this model with a key fob, making it much better for running. What gave me something to consider, however, was the responsiveness that you need if you want to have the alarm at hand quickly. But like the pocket alarm device No. 1, it is also suitable for other purposes, such as for your handbag.

And finally ... After the pocket alarm test, this model is a little more comfortable for me for exercising, but I'm not sure whether you can always manage to actually trigger the alarm in time.

The alternative to the pocket alarm:

Well, after my pocket alarm test I'm somehow still not 100% satisfied and haven't found anything. That's why I did some research and thought of an alternative. I'm thinking about it now Alarm tape get it and try it out. I think it's ideal for running and other purposes because you wear it like a watch. (By the way, I also think it's very stylish.) But I'll definitely try it out and report back on my pocket alarm experience soon.

Experience report from Tamara H. from Salzburg.