Leben nach dem Herzinfarkt

Life after a heart attack

After a heart attack – how to live consciously?

Back to everyday life – back home. The big step of returning to their own home after a heart attack and taking care of themselves is possible for many patients thanks to today’s medical standards. But what do you need to do after a heart attack to avoid overloading yourself at home and to prevent another heart attack?

As statistics show that a heart attack usually indicates recurrent heart disease, it is necessary to consciously maintain a healthy lifestyle and take preventive measures. To avoid anxiety or even depression and the risk of a recurrent heart attack, which often occur in patients in the first year after a heart attack, it is extremely important to take control of your own life and consciously take care of your future.

The top rule when returning to everyday life is clearly to stay active, eat well and receive medical care. Exercise is necessary, but patients must listen to their bodies if they show signs of weakness or overexertion. In addition, it can be very helpful to have relatives around you who actively support you in all your activities and also to improve your state of mind. Apart from a conscious lifestyle, you should also consult your doctor regularly and take your prescribed medication consistently.

How to stop a heart attack in just one minute?

But what if, despite all these measures, you don’t really feel well and you are still afraid that you could suffer another heart attack?

Many patients have made their lives easier and safer after a heart attack by using a home emergency call system. A home emergency call system makes it possible to contact the hospital at lightning speed in the event of a heart attack or other emergency situation and get help at home. Such an emergency call system is particularly advisable if patients live alone. Home emergency call systems work by means of a senior citizen’s telephone or another trigger that can be carried with you to activate the emergency call system.

The home emergency call system is a great way to live in your own home without fear. However, many patients also want to be able to make an emergency call when they are out and about, for example when they are shopping, doing sport in the countryside or anywhere else. It is therefore advisable to supplement the home emergency call system with the emergency call bracelet from Zembro Alarmbands. Patients can therefore enjoy everyday life after a heart attack with a clearer conscience, regardless of their location, and thus avoid stress and anxiety situations.

How does the Zembro emergency bracelet work? Consisting of two parts, the Zembro bracelet itself and an app that can be installed on a smartphone, the Zembro emergency bracelet can provide freedom, safety and independence after a heart attack. The affected patient needs the Zembro bracelet and should simply wear it at all times. The people to be contacted, for example family members, friends or doctors, need the Zembro app to receive emergency calls. The big advantage is that patients do not need a smartphone and can easily operate the bracelet to make an emergency call. In addition, the emergency call can be made to several people at the same time, which further increases the chance of rapid assistance.

Apart from the practical and location-independent emergency call option provided by the Zembro emergency call bracelet, there are other advantages of the product. The bracelet is waterproof, so it can be worn day and night, serves as a stylish watch for everyday wear, is beautiful and elegant and the battery lasts a full 7 days. What’s more, the bracelet works throughout Europe without having to make any further settings and relatives know exactly where the wearer of the emergency bracelet is in a flash.

So to make everyday life easier after a heart attack or other illness, the emergency bracelet is a helper for all occasions.