Schmuck mit Alarm
Schmuck mit Alarm
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Jewelry with alarm

Many women know the feeling of insecurity when they are out and about alone. The constant, frightened glances over the shoulder, worried messages from friends or family and the omnipresent awareness of being on your own in potential emergency situations. A common practice is therefore to share the live location with loved ones to give them a degree of control over their own safety.

But what if, in an acute emergency, all help would come too late? There is an innovative solution here: the Laemon bracelet. This piece of jewelry combines elegance with security technology and allows wearers to quickly and discreetly trigger a silent or loud alarm. This function is a discreet but effective way of drawing attention to yourself in dangerous situations without attracting attention.

The Laemon bracelet is not only a fashion accessory, but also a life-saving device. Within a few seconds, it can activate an alarm that provides additional security in critical moments. But what exactly is behind this technology and what should users know about the Laemon bracelet? In the following, we take a closer look at this innovative piece of jewelry and test its functions and reliability.

Laemon jewelry bracelet: elegance meets safety

Before we start with the test, we will give you an insight into the concept behind Laemon and the special features of this piece of jewelry with alarm function. Laemon combines innovative technology with an aesthetically pleasing design. At first glance, the Laemon bracelet appears to be an ordinary piece of jewelry that elegantly complements any outfit. But it has far more than just visual appeal.

With a simple movement of the finger, the bracelet can discreetly trigger an alarm, allowing the wearer to choose between a loud or quiet signal and notify either friends or an emergency hotline. The aim of Laemon is to send a strong signal against violence and to offer women a feeling of security and independence in every situation. The jewelry bracelet was specially developed to protect you and your loved ones in dangerous situations.

First impression of the jewelry bracelet with alarm

At first glance, the Laemon jewelry bracelet with alarm hardly differs from a conventional accessory. It is stylish and unobtrusive, equipped with a discreetly integrated push button that is activated by light pressure and thus activates the safety functions.

Design and functionality of the Laemon safety wristband

The design of the Laemon bracelet is a positive surprise and disproves the expectation that safety precautions often go hand in hand with an unfashionable appearance. It presents itself as a timeless piece of jewelry that is available in three different designs and in sizes S, M, L and XL to suit every woman. Weighing only around 100 grams, the bracelet is light and comfortable to wear on the wrist.

Live test: How does the Laemon wristband react in an emergency situation?

After the visual impression comes the practical test: How does the bracelet behave in an emergency situation? Before use, some settings must be made in the associated Laemon app. Emergency contacts can be saved here so that they can be notified quickly in an emergency. Adding or changing contacts is easy and can be customized at any time.

For the test, a typical dangerous situation was simulated as it might occur on the way home at night. A simple hand movement from left to right is all it takes to trigger the alarm. The probability of a false alarm is low, as activation requires a conscious and clear intention.

When the alarm is triggered, either a 24/7 manned emergency center or the contacts previously saved in the app are informed directly. The test person entered as an emergency contact received precise live location data within a few seconds. Both the quiet and the loud alarm were tested. The silent alarm proved to be advantageous in the simulated situation, while the loud alarm, which is activated by pulling the chain on the bracelet, seems suitable for situations in which you want to draw attention to yourself, such as medical emergencies.

Conclusion: The effectiveness of the Laemon jewelry bracelet with alarm

Our test confirms it: The Laemon jewelry bracelet with alarm fulfills its promises and contributes to a significantly improved sense of security. The ability to save contacts individually allows users to decide for themselves who should be notified in an emergency. If these contacts are not available, a central control center takes over alarm management.

The option to choose between a silent and a loud alarm makes the piece of jewelry a versatile companion that can react appropriately in a variety of situations – whether on the way home, in the event of harassment or in medical emergencies. The convincing concept combines safety with stylish design and makes the bracelet not only a practical but also an aesthetically pleasing accessory.

Are you interested in the Laemon jewelry bracelet with alarm? Simply send us an email to or use the contact field on our website to reserve a bracelet: Contact us.

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