Home emergency call in the nursing home
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Home emergency call in the nursing home

Home emergency call systems are essential in nursing homes to ensure the safety and well-being of residents. There are different systems, each with specific functions and properties. It is therefore crucial to clearly understand the needs and requirements of seniors in order to choose the right system.

It is advisable to compare different systems in order to choose the optimal home emergency call system. On our website www.alarmbands.com You will find a wide selection of home emergency call systems, including models with an emergency call button, fall detection and GPS tracking. Our team at AMB Alarmbands will be happy to advise you to ensure you find the best system to suit your needs.

Important features of an effective home emergency call
Easy to use: The system should be easy for seniors to use.
Connection to an emergency call center: A constant connection to an emergency call center ensures that help is available quickly in an emergency.
Clear sound quality: Good acoustics are essential so that the person seeking help can be clearly heard in an emergency.
Mobility: Mobile systems, similar to an emergency call watch, enable freedom of movement and security both inside and outside the nursing home.
Flexibility in application: Systems that also work outside the facility are ideal to ensure security everywhere.
Specific adjustments: Depending on the specific challenges of the facility, such as poor network connections or limited mobility of residents, additional features such as intercoms, additional base stations or GPS tracking with integrated SIM card should be available.

Integration of a home emergency call system in nursing homes

Implementing a home emergency call system in a nursing home is a multi-step process that requires careful planning and execution. Here are the key steps you should keep in mind:

Choosing the right system

Choose a home alarm system that meets the specific needs of your nursing home. In particular, check the functionality and whether a connection to an emergency call center or a 24-hour emergency call service is possible.

installation plan

Develop a detailed plan for installing the system. Determine the optimal locations for emergency transmitters and base stations to ensure comprehensive coverage within the home.

Network Connection

Ensure that the nursing home's network infrastructure is sufficient to support a reliable connection to the emergency response center.

Installation and testing

Carry out the installation according to the manufacturer's instructions. After installation, a test phase should follow to ensure the functionality of the system.

Staff training

Thoroughly train nursing staff in how to operate the home emergency call system. Every employee should be able to react quickly and effectively in an emergency.

Monitoring and maintenance

Regular monitoring and maintenance of the system is essential to ensure its constant operational readiness.

The installation of a home emergency call system should ideally be carried out in collaboration with professionals in order to guarantee correct functioning and adaptation to the needs of the nursing home. Our team at AMB Alarmbands will be happy to advise and support you on suitable home emergency call systems.

Designing a safe nursing home for seniors

Creating a safe environment for seniors in nursing homes is critical to promoting their health and well-being. Here are some essential measures that can help:

  • Non-slip floors: Install non-slip flooring to minimize fall risks. In addition, modern emergency calls with fall detection offer an additional level of safety.
  • Adequate lighting: Ensure good lighting in all areas of the nursing home, especially in hallways and stairs, to make orientation easier.
  • Handrails and handles: Install handrails and handles in hallways and bathrooms to make everyday use easier for residents.
  • Fire and smoke detectors: Make sure that there are sufficient fire and smoke detectors installed in all rooms.
  • Accessibility of emergency call systems: Ensure that all residents have access to a functioning home emergency call system that can provide quick help in an emergency.
  • Accessibility: Ensure rooms and facilities are barrier-free and easily accessible.
  • Medication management: Implement effective medication management to ensure residents receive proper medications. An emergency call bracelet with a medication reminder can help with this.

These measures help design a nursing home to increase seniors' safety and autonomy while minimizing potential risks.

Caring for people with dementia in nursing homes

In nursing homes, it is essential to create special facilities for dementia patients that provide a safe and secure environment. To ensure the safety and well-being of these residents, the use of surveillance technologies is an effective method.

Monitoring technologies for dementia patients

Various technologies can be used to monitor dementia patients:

  • Motion detector: These help to monitor patients' activities and detect unusual movements at an early stage.
  • cameras: Video cameras provide continuous monitoring and allow nursing staff to respond quickly to possible incidents.
  • Emergency call bracelets with base stations: Alarmbands offers a simple and effective solution. These bracelets allow people with dementia to call for help directly when needed and are connected to base stations that can receive and respond to signals.

These technologies help create a higher level of safety for dementia patients by providing continuous monitoring and rapid response capabilities. In this way, the nursing staff can be supported efficiently and the care of the residents can be optimized.

The role of the base station in home emergency call systems

The base station is a central component of every home emergency call system that is set up in retirement homes. It acts as an important connection point between those responsible for the system, such as nursing staff, and the residents who need the emergency call.

These stations are particularly useful for establishing monitoring zones specifically for dementia patients. They enable continuous communication and ensure that quick help is available as soon as it is needed.

Additional information

For further details about home emergency call systems and their installation in nursing homes, please visit the following pages:

Here you will find our curated selection of alarm bands for every occasion and taste.

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