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Forgetfulness or already dementia?

Modern science asserts that more and younger people are becoming ill with dementia. Is it forgetfulness or already dementia? It scares us through uncertainty. But there is also certainty – there is a solution for every problem. Really? Look for yourself.

I remember that shocking moment when I suddenly found myself on a stage... My breath hitched as I saw hundreds of eyes silently waiting for something from me... That difficult moment when I forgot what I wanted to say.

A disaster!
You think it couldn't be worse?
A mistake.

Another flashback: a friendly voice wants to know my name. My name?
"Surname. From me?... I'll have it right away..."

I didn't know what my name was anymore. But I knew what it meant, what I felt...
I still remember how a person feels when he has forgotten his name...
Is it forgetfulness or already dementia?

I was 3 years old.
Old? Or young?
However. In a few decades you will feel the same way in a similar situation.

The short-term memory and the long-term memory play “cat and mouse” with us.
What is first with small children is second with older people.

We all run in the same circle. But we hope to go straight.
And where are the solutions?
Exactly! Not a solution – but a solution. As long as we live, they exist. In the invisible, but also in everyday life.


Forgetfulness or already dementia?

Where does forgetting end and dementia begin?

Today I know that there are people who forget to turn off the stove when they leave the house. Or people who suddenly no longer know the way home...

Every child knows the unpleasant feeling of having forgotten what they wanted to say...
Every adult knows the feeling of being unable to utter a name or term...

Read more about the topic on Gesundheit.De

Forgetfulness or already dementia?

The boundary between “HEALTHY” and “SICK” is often invisible...
Do you see this border? where forgetting ends and dementia begins?
Can you tell me: forgetfulness or already dementia?

And HOW can we protect ourselves or our loved ones from it? Can we even do that? Regardless of age and situation?
Can we at least do something? Yes. We can do that.

How can we help?

When I told my aunt, who didn't feel safe changing trains every time she traveled, this GPS emergency alarm bracelet gift, her attitude to life has changed: she visited us more often and also preferred it.

I wouldn't panic if my son did that ALARM BAND for children and I would briefly lose sight of him in a larger shopping center or train station, for example.

I can also well imagine how my mother-in-law's social contacts would be revived if she had one EMERGENCY ALARM BAND would be given as a gift for Mother's Day.

Do you even know who discovered the disease? His name is Alois Alzheimer.

In 1907, the psychiatrist and neuropathologist Alois Alzheimer published a treatise on a “peculiar disease of the cerebral cortex”. Three years later, the “Textbook of Psychiatry” referred to this disease for the first time as Alzheimer’s disease – Alzheimer’s for short.

Are dementia and Alzheimer's one and the same?

Dementia is the generic term for all pathological impairments of memory, thinking and cognitive abilities. Alzheimer's is just one of many forms of dementia. Strokes, hypothyroidism or inflammation such as multiple sclerosis can also result in dementia. In Alzheimer's disease, more and more neurons gradually die. The impulse and nutrient pathways inside the cell break down and at the same time build up around the nerve cells as protein clumps that prevent the transmission of nerve impulses.
With a proportion of 40 percent, Alzheimer's is the most common form of dementia and is therefore often equated with the umbrella term.

“Dementia robs millions of people of memory, independence and dignity, but it also robs the rest of us of the people we know and love,” said World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus at the launch of a study last year. “It shows a rapid increase in the number of cases. … Prevention work should begin in childhood.”

We can't predict anything.
And we can't always be sure.
But we can prevent and protect.

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