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Falls in old age – How dangerous are falls in old age?

Anyone can fall – practically everyone is exposed to this risk. However, our balance often prevents us from falling, so a serious fall is rather unlikely in the everyday lives of younger people. However, statistics show that around a third of all people over the age of 65 fall at least once a year.

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What consequences can falls have for senior citizens?

A fall in old age can have a lasting impact on the life of the person affected. Injuries such as bruises, fractures or sprains severely restrict mobility and reduce the affected person’s quality of life. The loss of mobility also almost always affects the psyche: many senior citizens suffer from the realization that their usual security is increasingly diminishing.

Unfortunately, it often happens that senior citizens who have fallen can no longer stand up on their own. It can sometimes take hours for the necessary help to arrive, especially in the event of a fall in your own home or apartment. Such an experience puts additional strain on the psyche and can have a negative impact on the healing process.

How can you avoid the consequences of falls?

Unfortunately, only a few aids can prevent senior citizens from falling. A rollator, walking stick or professional support from a geriatric nurse can reduce the risk to some extent. An emergency button as a wristband or in the form of an emergency call watch is very helpful for seniors to be able to rush to help in the event of a fall. The emergency call bracelet from Alarmbands contacts the relevant people via the associated app or text message when the integrated emergency button is pressed. The emergency call watch with fall sensor from Alarmbands also helps senior citizens to get help quickly in the event of a fall.

The integrated SOS button on the intelligent emergency call watch calls pre-saved contacts. In case of doubt, the emergency services can now also be called. The emergency call bracelet or the emergency call watch with GPS and intelligent fall detection is the ideal companion for senior citizens. Older people feel much safer and their relatives can also be confident that help can be provided as quickly as possible in the event of a fall.

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