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Dementia watch – the emergency watch for people with dementia or dementia

The dementia watch for people with dementia and what you need to consider:

Dementia, also known as Alzheimer’s disease, is one of the most common diseases in older people and can lead to devastating consequences if the disease worsens and those affected cannot be constantly monitored.

To determine at an early stage whether dementia is present or not, there is a test procedure to diagnose the disease in just a few minutes – the clock test. The clock test is one of many tests for dementia that can be carried out in just a few minutes and is very simple. To supplement the clock test and validate the diagnosis, another early dementia detection tool is always used, for example MMST or DemTect. The clock test is used for people between the ages of 65 and 85 and in Germany the method of Shulman (1993) is usually followed. Sometimes, but rather rarely in German-speaking countries, the variant according to Sunderland et al. (1989). To find out exactly how the tests work, take a look here: Depending on the evaluation of the clock test, you can see how advanced the dementia is in the person concerned and can react accordingly.

The diagnosis of Alzheimer’s naturally causes great concern, especially among relatives, as it is difficult to keep a constant eye on the person with the disease. One solution could be an emergency call watch or an emergency call bracelet. This is a type of dementia watch that makes it possible to track people with dementia using GPS, stay in contact with them and trigger an emergency call if the motion sensor reports that a person is unconscious. With a dementia watch, it is important that it is a watch with a safety catch so that those affected do not constantly take it off. A dementia watch could have the setting to notify relatives via app or text message by pressing an emergency trigger. In addition, you may ask yourself whether the choice of a dementia watch is more in the direction of an emergency watch, which not only notifies the relatives, but also an emergency call organization such as the rescue service.

A dementia watch should also have an additional function such as a medication reminder and be comfortable to wear.

To give your loved ones the best possible protection, find out about the right device here:

Here you can find our emergency call watch for senior citizens

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