Sicherheitsabstand Corona
Sicherheitsabstand Corona
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Corona safety distance – COVID Tracker protective measures

The coronavirus has had our world in its grip since March 2020. Regulations, measures and instructions to protect us and our fellow human beings from dangerous infection are part of everyday life. Many companies are only operating with restrictions and had to close their operations completely during the many lockdown phases. Social distancing rules are an important part of the protective measures during the corona pandemic to prevent the virus from spreading unchecked.

A minimum distance of 1.5 meters from other people should help to ensure that the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus is not transmitted from one person to another. However, we do not always ensure that this distance is maintained for all activities. This site now offers an ingenious and clever accessory in the form of an enchanting necklace with your personal guardian angel, which is not only beautiful but also ensures your safety.

The modern guardian angel reminds you digitally to maintain a safe distance

The elegant design of this chain and the Corona Tracker safety distance and its valuable function are a real sensation. The built-in sensor in the pendant of the necklace can be easily connected to any smartphone. The important movement data is checked via an app and the wearer is immediately informed via cell phone if there is another person with the sensor in the vicinity and the distance falls below 1.5 meters. This means you can go about your everyday life carefree and worry-free, while your guardian angel immediately sends you a signal if you are in danger.

The tracker, which transmits a distance alarm, is designed according to the latest technical innovations and is easy to install. The easy-to-understand operation and exclusive look are an excellent combination of elegant workmanship and perfect security, providing valuable benefits for everyone. The accessory of the future is on trend and dresses the lady of the world and the gentleman of creation.

Other trendy tracking chips also offer more security in an emergency

At you will find further progressive developments from the accessories and design market. With the advancement of minimalist digital technology, scientists and technicians have set themselves the task of making innovative, stylish and protective tracking tools available to people, also in terms of physical safety and integrity. Similar to the guardian angel chain described above, the developers are using high-tech tracking technologies to remind people at work, when traveling and when shopping that a safety distance of 1.5 meters must be maintained during the Covid 19 pandemic in order to protect lives.

The tracking chip from alarmbands. com essentially consists of 3 parts, which together guarantee optimum handling. The high-tech access system has the appearance of a name badge or GPS tracker box, but at the same time contains the necessary hardware to cover all points. The GPS, GPRS, Bluetooth, the man-down message, the Bluetooth connection and the SOS button are all located here. The personalized card stores all important and specific information. In addition, certain features can also be controlled. The simple and intelligent software allows a movement profile to be read out in an emergency, anonymous statistics to be generated and a variety of alarm rules to be defined. All data and applications are of course subject to German data protection law or that of the respective country.

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