Can an emergency call for senior citizens offer more self-protection?

Self-protection in old age is becoming increasingly important. What does the emergency call really mean for senior citizens?

Respect for old age should actually guarantee sufficient protection for our older fellow citizens. Unfortunately, however, this once sacred principle no longer applies today. Senior citizens are all too often seen as victims by criminal elements. The ability to defend oneself decreases with age. This decreasing physical strength and stability must be compensated for by other forms of self-protection. Respectful treatment cannot be expected in the event of a robbery or burglary. The only thing that helps is a quick call for help. A potentially life-saving service that our emergency call for senior citizens provides at the touch of a button.

Note: Self-defense for senior citizens is now also offered in many places. As with women, the lack of strength can be compensated for by the right technique. This sport is not only good for your safety, but also for your health. Information on these events can be found in the region’s newspaper.

This happens to senior citizens every day

In Austria and Germany, crimes against pensioners seem to be occurring more and more frequently in waves. According to numerous press reports, new criminals are constantly discovering our elderly fellow human beings as easy victims and then quickly acquire a taste for them. By the time the perpetrators are tracked down, a number of frail people quickly fall victim to them. Concern for your own safety during such searches is entirely appropriate and not paranoia.

In July 2017, such reports from Graz, Austria’s second-largest city, were shocking:

  • A 76-year-old pensioner is attacked in broad daylight, between 10 and 11 a.m., while returning from shopping. The attacker did not treat the elderly lady lightly. She was found bleeding in her apartment, where she was still able to drag herself to. A cerebral hemorrhage was even diagnosed later. If a simple neighbor had not discovered the traces of blood in time, it could have turned out much worse. With the right call assistance, the situation could have been defused quickly at the touch of a button.
  • Just one day later, another good housewife returned from her morning shopping trip. She was also rudely attacked right outside her front door. In this case, too, a home emergency call would have provided more security. The emergency call for senior citizens simply has to offer more.
  • The worst case in this series of robberies occurred just the Friday before. An 82-year-old woman was brutally attacked and her life was in serious danger afterwards. Help would have arrived more quickly if we had used our transmitters.

In Germany, criminal gangs are specifically targeting older people. To do this, they actually search the telephone directories for names that were popular with previous generations. The homes of these senior citizens are then broken into and the victims are tied up for hours while the entire apartment or house is searched for valuables. Injuries cannot be ruled out during such prolonged torture. The perpetrators now also want to know PINs for ATMs, EC cards or passwords for savings accounts. The best protection against these criminal energies is to call for help quickly. But our emergency call for senior citizens in the form of an elegant bracelet does even more for self-protection.

Tip: There are three points you should pay particular attention to in order to prevent robberies. Firstly, maintaining a social network is very important. Shopping in company significantly reduces the risk. In addition, all encounters with strangers should be approached with a healthy skepticism. Thirdly, jewelry should be worn as concealed as possible so as not to stimulate criminal fantasies. However, if an emergency does occur, the emergency bracelet is almost the only thing that can help.

Fewer worries with the emergency call for seniors – the bracelet

It is not only criminal dangers that threaten senior citizens. Health is also often an increasing problem in old age and can cause sleepless nights for some relatives when care is increasingly needed to get through everyday life. Just one fall is enough to make you helpless. The emergency telephone can no longer be reached and, especially if the elderly person lives alone, a small moment of carelessness can quickly turn into a life-threatening situation. An emergency call via the bracelet can then quickly become a lifesaver.

Above all, the use of our wristbands alleviates the worries of relatives. They know from the tape that the senior citizen can help themselves via the emergency call. It is therefore not necessary to be constantly worried about what is going on. In an emergency, a whole machine is always set in motion.

Tip: Various precautions can significantly reduce the risk of falling in the apartment or house. Grab rails in the bathroom can ensure safe personal hygiene and tripping hazards should be eliminated. Carpets may be beautiful to look at, but they can also be such traps.

What happens during an emergency call?

As soon as the alarm bracelet is activated due to a robbery, burglary or medical emergency, the bracelet sends a signal via the mobile phone network. This means that the emergency call reaches the necessary emergency services directly. The police or rescue services can then set off directly. A truly modern emergency call for senior citizens.

In addition, registered relatives are also informed, as they may be able to provide assistance even more quickly. Emergency messages are usually received on the cell phone. The most important information about the incident is attached to the notification or communicated by telephone. By contacting people close to you in this way, false alarms can also be quickly ruled out.

What do senior citizens often ask themselves for self-protection?

When will my emergency calls be responded to?
The service can be used day and night, i.e. 24/7.

Can the emergency call also be triggered automatically?
If the sensor moves a certain distance away from the home, as can happen in the event of confusion following an attack, the motion transmitter registers this and informs the relatives.

Are the normal alarm bracelets also suitable for self-protection?
Yes, and the loud 120 dB sound quickly puts many attackers to flight.

How quickly is help provided?
The arrival of the emergency services or the police always depends on the response times in the region. A clarifying phone call, on the other hand, is made immediately and this alone usually helps to defuse the situation somewhat.

How much does self-protection with an emergency bracelet cost?
We have clearly tailored our offers to the budget of senior citizens and their own safety is definitely the wrong place to save money.

Emergency call for seniors:

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