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The emergency call bracelet for seniors as a lifesaver - the alarm bracelet

The emergency call bracelet for seniors can also be used as a home emergency call. e.g. a necklace - the...

Completely safe with the emergency bracelet for seniors

In our families we would like to provide our older relatives with the emergency bracelet for seniors more...

fall detection

Fall detection or the fall detector can be triggered by simply pressing a button or automatically when you...

Alarmband's role as Vienna Vikings sponsor and innovator in the field of sports bracelets

At Alarmbands we have made a name for ourselves with our emergency bracelets for seniors, which...

Nursing home alternative: What more cost-effective solutions are available for seniors

Choosing an appropriate form of care for older family members is an important decision for many. While...

Nursing home security systems: How you can efficiently protect residents in nursing homes

In a world in which the demographic development is steadily increasing...

Rescue bracelet: How to choose the right safety bracelet for every situation

The security that a small piece of technology can provide is often surprising and

Smartwatch with blood pressure measurement: A guide to innovative health monitoring

While the topic of health monitoring is becoming increasingly important, questions arise