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Survival bracelet – a guide to the must-haves in an emergency situation

The survival bracelet with paracord can be untwisted and used as a cord or rope...

Alarmbands’ role as Vienna Vikings sponsor and innovator in the field of sports wristbands

At Alarmbands, we have made a name for ourselves with our emergency bracelets for senior...

Home emergency call in the nursing home

How can a home emergency call system be technically integrated into a care home?

Nursing home alternative: what more cost-effective solutions are available for senior citizens

Choosing an appropriate form of care for elderly family members is a major decision for...

Nursing home security systems: How you can efficiently protect residents in nursing homes

In a world in which demographic trends are steadily leading to an ageing population,...

Dead man’s device – What is the dead man’s detector?

Dead man’s handle One thing is clear, the dead man’s device is a must for...