Backpacker safety tips

This is how you can travel safely to distant countries as a backpacker

If you only want to travel to distant countries with a backpack, you not only need a lot of adventure, but also courage - especially as a woman. Because dangers lurk everywhere. In order to keep these as low as possible, we have summarized the most important basic safety rules.

The best backpacker safety tips

  1. In every big city there are safe and unsafe areas. Before you start your trip, find out which area is safe and only book your accommodation in these areas.
  2. There are often pickpockets in train stations, bus stops or busy squares. Always pay attention to your luggage, even when traveling by train or bus. It's best to put a rain cover over your backpack to make it more difficult for thieves to access the bags.
  3. Important things, such as your credit card or passport, should be kept close to your body. Travel bum bags are perfect for this because they can be worn under clothing.
  4. Travel with little pastry. So only carry one backpack with you and not three other bags. Firstly, you can more easily take care of just one bag and secondly, you have both hands free to defend yourself in an emergency.
  5. Of course, at night it is much more dangerous in many places. As a woman, you should definitely join a group of like-minded people, such as friends or hotel guests. Never drive back to the hotel alone. The Alarm tape or the pocket siren would be a security measure.
  6. Always watch your drink in clubs or bars. One careless moment and someone has already poured knockout drops into your glass. It's best to only order sealed drinks and ask that you also want to open the bottle yourself.
  7. Adapt your clothing to local customs. In Islamic countries, for example, you should not walk through the city in short skirts or crop tops. Don't try to stand out from the crowd.
  8. In case of emergencies, you should always have a list of the most important phone numbers ready. Such as insurance, bank, family, friends, health insurance, etc. Don't just save these numbers in your cell phone, but also write them down on a piece of paper that you always have with you.
  9. To get money or valuables, thieves use various tricks. The ketchup trick or the spilling trick are very popular. As if by accident, ketchup suddenly ends up on your jacket or someone spills coffee on your sweater. Shortly afterwards, a person comes and wants to help you remove the stain. During this time, the opportunity will be taken to rob you.
  10. Digital security is also very important when you are on the go. Change your passwords for Facebook, Google, etc. often while traveling. Never type your passwords on public computers. Only use your smartphone or laptop for this.
  11. Be careful around stray dogs or cats and avoid touching the animals. They could potentially bite you and transmit diseases ranging from rabies to worms.