Be ready in any situation with the smart emergency call watch as a new level of occupational safety

Lone worker protection is an important issue! The emergency call watch for lone workers is a new way to ensure the occupational safety of employees, especially for construction, assembly or energy companies.


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This is how the alert works

With the emergency call watch, which can easily be worn on the wrist, safety and protection are implemented in a new way. But how does the alarm work if the lone worker is in an emergency situation?

In these cases there is an emergency call and telephony button. When the SOS button is pressed by the worker, an alarm signal is automatically sent. This is forwarded to both private contacts and a corresponding emergency call center.

An alarm can also be triggered with the fall function. If the lone worker falls, the impact that the watch can detect will trigger a call to the first emergency contact. Thanks to the precise GPS positioning, the exact location of the lone worker can be determined and quick help can be initiated.


The advantages of the emergency call watch for lone workers

The advantages of the emergency call watch are not just limited to the worker himself. As an employer, it is also a positive feeling to know that employees can act in an emergency. This way you know that contact is possible in an emergency and you can contact and locate your lone workers at any time. The watch therefore achieves above all:

What is behind the product?

General information

The battery life of the watch is on average three days and the model is also available in black. The watch is designed for the 4G network and can therefore be used by lone workers in Germany and Austria, as well as in Switzerland.


How much does the watch cost?

The exact price of the watch may vary. This therefore depends on the package, what is chosen and which functions are desired. The monthly fixed costs would be 9,9 euros per month.

And it can be canceled on a monthly basis. If you want additional functions, such as the 24/7 emergency call center, a surcharge of 11,90 euros per month will be charged. The calls from the device itself also cost an additional 4,90 euros per month.

You can also easily cancel monthly or test the watch free of charge for 14 days before completing your subscription.

Important key data about the emergency call watch for lone workers

269,90  VAT included.

Contains 20% VAT
excl. Shipping

All other QUESTIONS and ANSWERS can be found under FAQ for lone workers


What do our customers say?

The feedback from our customers is very important to us! In order to provide an insight into our customers' experiences and their use of the products in everyday life, we have put together three example quotes here.

“Safety measures are important to minimize the risk of accidents and injuries in the company. Alarmbands’ emergency watch has helped us increase safety measures for the lone worker.”

Thomas P., 38

“It is important that companies regularly review and update their security measures to ensure they meet current needs. Through our review, we realized that lone workers need an effective and simple solution. The alarm bands from Alarmbands immediately convinced us.”

Bernd H., 46

“This wearable emergency bracelet can be worn around the wrist or arm and can be activated in the event of an emergency. This system or emergency call bracelet is also known as a dead man’s alarm.” 

Hannelore K., 54

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