With a short note on the bracelet, the little ones find their way back home

A simple and, above all, inexpensive option for more safety is the SOS safety bracelet for children. It is effective, cheap and can be used anywhere. For example, for a trip with the kindergarten or for swimming and skiing courses.

SOS safety bracelet for children

Safety that even children like

Who does not know it? You constantly find yourself spending huge amounts of money to ensure the best possible security for your protégés. The problem? Most products cost a lot and unfortunately provide very little. Or they are not really childproof. Anyone who has children knows how curious and, above all, inventive they can become in order to satisfy their curiosity. Children are constantly putting themselves in danger.

Even though the SOS safety bracelet for children seems very simple and simple, we attach great importance to the quality of this product.


The biggest advantages of the product:

What is behind the SOS safety bracelet for children?


The SOS safety bracelet is labeled with the child's name, home address and a parent's phone number. This is done quickly and the child can go play while mom and dad can sit back. If the little ones wander further away and can't find their way back to mom and dad straight away, you can quickly call people who become aware of your charges. Thank you for the SOS safety bracelet!

Since children love colour, attention was paid to a particularly colorful color scheme with many colorful motifs. Does your girl love hearts and flowers? The son, however, planes and cars? No problem: there is a suitable bracelet for every child. Your child will love the SOS safety bracelet - we promise!


But there is technology?

That's right. But can we really use technology gadgets everywhere? Who can guarantee us safety if we forget to charge the battery on time? We can also offer our children safety with electronics. The key point, however, is the ease and, above all, everyday use. The SOS safety bracelet for children is simpler, definitely clearer and easier to recognize. That's how it is compared to one GPS watch for children, the Kids Watch, also a lot cheaper. The safety bracelet can also be easily used in the sandpit or outdoor pool. As a result, it is completely suitable for everyday use.

When security becomes an accessory

Children love colorful things. And that is exactly what is offered. In addition to the possibility of choosing different motifs, which you can of course vary from day to day, there are also different colors. There is certainly something for everyone – whether knight or princess.

With the SOS safety bracelet for children you can integrate different motifs into their everyday life. Should it be a pink dress for the little one today? Or does the youngest want to go to kindergarten today in the Bob the Builder outfit? No matter what it is, choose a suitable safety bracelet. Changing is no problem.

Overview for mom and dad

The SOS safety bracelet as a simple and safe solution for on the go...


What do our customers say?

The feedback from our customers is very important to us! In order to provide an insight into our customers' experiences and their use of the products in everyday life, we have put together three example quotes here. 

I didn't even know such a thing existed because I rarely have time to go online. Then I saw this bracelet from my friend's son and was thrilled - and at that price! My daughter now has a “cool” bracelet that she can change. And I have a clear conscience.

Tina S., Wiesbaden

My son doesn't like jewelry. Then I saw these SOS safety bracelets for children with these great designs and just ordered them. Were not very expensive. When he saw that he could change them as he wished, he was suddenly very excited and now proudly shows his “hero” bracelets to his friends every day.

Karolin X., 33, Berlin

Since we wanted to fly on a spontaneous vacation, we had to do it quickly. And of course relatively cheap. Your product came in very handy. It's simple but practical and really highly recommended at this price. Gladly again.

Mike M., 41, Cologne

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