The emergency call bracelet with fall detection


We would be happy to explain frequently asked questions

Do you have questions about the emergency calls and the base station? In our FAQs we have briefly and compactly summarized the most important answers for you.

1. What happens when the battery is almost empty?

Before the battery is empty, the emergency watch emits an acoustic signal. In addition, an SMS message can be sent to the saved emergency contacts.

We respect our customers' privacy. That is why no configurations or position data are stored by the manufacturer.

Yes that works. The battery life can be extended to approx. 7 or 100 days using the energy saving options Night Sleep and Home Emergency Call.

No, the functionality of the watch does not depend on the base station. The optional base station simply provides the emergency watch with additional location information. This means that the geo-fence function can work in an energy-saving manner and the location within the building is improved.

That is her. The emergency call watch is completely waterproof and can therefore also be worn on the hand when showering and bathing.

This is not possible because the manufacturer's SIM card is permanently installed in the watch.

The emergency call watch dials into the network that is available locally. Please note that there are no additional costs (e.g. roaming fee) - regardless of whether the carrier is in Germany, Austria or Switzerland - the emergency call watch can be used throughout Europe.

The emergency call clock works throughout Europe - regardless of whether you are in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. Note: no roaming fees or additional costs.

The monthly fee is only activated or paid after receipt of the goods - you cannot activate the fee in advance. You will receive all information about this with the goods.

No, the watch is configured exclusively via SMS and can therefore be done from any cell phone. All functions such as making calls or the location function can basically be carried out from any cell phone. Alternatively, you can also use our free web services to configure and locate the watch. We are also working on a smartphone app, which can then optionally be used to use the watch.

Our emergency call bracelet GPS-Watch PRO uses the 2G GSM mobile network and not a broadband connection like 3G or 4G. We are currently hearing more often about the planned shutdown of the 3G network. Lt. Based on the information we have, no shutdown of the 2G network is planned or foreseeable.
Switzerland: According to our information, coverage of the 2G GSM network is also secured in Switzerland by SALT. Alternatively, there is the option of installing a native Sunrise SIM card. If you have specific questions, please contact us:

On iPhones, the messaging setting is often set to iMessage and not SMS. The GPS Watch alarm band will then not be able to receive the message and will not respond to messages from your iPhone.
Here are some tips to solve the problem:

  • To be able to send SMS, you must activate the function on the iPhone. To do this, open Settings, then tap Messages and slide the slider next to Send as SMS to the right.
  • If the problem persists, you can reset the network settings. Open the Settings menu, tap General, then select Reset at the bottom. Then tap “Network Settings” and confirm your entry.
  • If you bought your iPhone with a contract, you may need to activate the device to send SMS from other SIM cards. This can be done with a simple code. Open the phone app and enter the code *222# as a Telekom customer or *133# as a Vodafone customer. Call the code and you should receive confirmation of activation.