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We would be happy to explain frequently asked questions

Do you still have questions about the emergency call bracelet? Below you will find the questions that our customers frequently ask. Get an idea of ​​how the emergency call bracelet works, features and options. Upon request, we will be happy to send you our brochure, which clearly combines all the necessary information about the emergency call bracelet. We would be delighted if you chose our product and offer our customers a free return policy for 30 days.

Emergency call bracelet functions

1. How does the emergency call bracelet for seniors work?
Two separate functional areas make the Zembro emergency call bracelet an ideal aid for seniors who are still active and live alone. On the one hand, the service consists of the bracelet itself, which the senior wears around his wrist. With the bracelet:
  • an emergency call can be triggered. Relatives (up to 10 family members) or an emergency call center will be informed immediately.
  • works like a telephone. If the emergency call mode is activated, relatives can communicate with the senior via the bracelet.
  • GPS data is sent to the location of the bracelet wearer.
  • you can read the time.
There is a chip integrated into the bracelet that is connected to the telephone network, so that the wearer does not need a separate telephone or cell phone. On the other hand, the service consists of an app that is installed on the relatives' cell phones. Using this app, family members receive immediate notification if an emergency occurs and can also communicate directly with the provider. In order to be able to talk to each other, the senior does not need a fixed telephone line or a smartphone. The bracelet is charged via a USB cable that is plugged into either a power outlet or a computer.

Yes. The Zembro emergency call bracelet has a function that was developed specifically for the needs of people with dementia and their relatives. Dementia is often accompanied by an increased urge to move and a lost sense of orientation. If the bracelet wearer exceeds a predetermined radius, the app on the relative's smartphone sounds an alarm and announces the senior's position. This function guarantees that people with dementia who get lost can be found quickly - before they find themselves in dangerous situations.
In principle, the emergency call bracelet is suitable for seniors, but there is one limitation: the Zembro bracelet is less suitable for people with severe dementia who constantly get rid of their clothes, as it can be easily opened and closed. Our development department is currently working on a version with a lock that cannot be opened so easily.

Yes. The emergency call bracelet is designed so that it can also be used without reading glasses. How the emergency call works and is triggered is extremely simple. However, minimal vision is required to use the bracelet, meaning the Zembro bracelet is not suitable for blind people. An emergency bracelet with voice command would be necessary here.

Unfortunately no. The volume of the bracelet cannot currently be adjusted. The current standard volume is sufficient for people with normal hearing, but may be too quiet for older people with hearing impairment - especially in loud rooms or outdoors.

Unfortunately no. The current version of the Zembro bracelet does not yet allow you to individually control the volume. However, our developers are working on a version of the bracelet that will allow this in the future.

Seniors can always keep the emergency call bracelet on in the shower, when washing up or while swimming because it is waterproof. The bracelet is also shockproof, extremely light and therefore comfortable to wear at any time - even on vacation, on a hike or while doing sports.

Yes, absolutely. The elegant bracelet is very comfortable to wear and is made of anti-allergic material.

Yes, the Zembro emergency call bracelet not only works throughout Austria, but throughout Europe. This means seniors can travel carefree and are always well protected in the event of an emergency thanks to the emergency call bracelet.

The best way to learn is from practice - that's why Zembro's development team is currently working on adapting the emergency call bracelet even better to the needs of old people and their families. On the one hand, we are currently developing a special version with a special closure that is not easy to open for seniors with dementia. Other functions, such as reminders to take medication, will also be available in the future. Future software updates are completely free and will be carried out automatically by our development team without customers having to worry about it.

The emergency call watch dials into the network that is available locally. Please note that there are no additional costs (e.g. roaming fee) - regardless of whether the carrier is in Germany, Austria or Switzerland - the emergency call watch can be used throughout Europe.

The emergency call clock works throughout Europe - regardless of whether you are in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. Note: no roaming fees or additional costs.

The monthly fee is only activated or paid after receipt of the goods - you cannot activate the fee in advance. You will receive all information about this with the goods.

Costs for the bracelet, calls and 24/7 emergency service

Additional costs for purchasing an emergency call bracelet:

  • Monthly costs: Free-roaming SIM chip integrated. Monthly costs of €15 for unlimited use of the mobile network throughout Europe and future updates and product expansions.
  • A professional 24-hour emergency number can be booked optionally are available for €12 per month.

You pay neither activation costs nor a deposit for the bracelet itself. The contract can be canceled at any time at the end of the month. Would you like to try out the emergency call bracelet first? You can easily return the bracelet within one month at no cost if you are not satisfied with the bracelet.

The price includes:
  • The use of the emergency call bracelet
  • The app for relatives’ smartphones
  • The assistance service: We help with all questions about the bracelet or the app by phone, email or live chat. (i.e. the €15 is the monthly cost).

The costs for the travel of the assistants and the costs for phone calls from the relative's smartphone to the wristband wearer are not included.

A professional 24-hour emergency call can be optionally booked for €12 per month - total costs would be: €27 per month.


No. There are no extra costs to pay if the wearer of the bracelet causes an emergency. If an emergency occurs, the relatives contact the senior immediately via the standard telephone network and only pay the usual call rate.

Relatives who wish to contact the bracelet wearer can do so at the standard European rate or as part of their everyday telephone subscription. This means that the call costs the same as a “normal” call. The calls to the bracelet appear on her phone bill from a Swedish number.

No. An additional charge must be paid for the 24-hour emergency call service, where the emergency services can be alerted by our call center employee. This is currently 12,00 euros per month. In this area we work with the German home emergency call service and the Austrian home emergency call service, who already have many years of experience in this area.

You can pay the cost of the bracelet either by VISA and MasterCard or other credit cards, by direct debit, direct debit, Paypal, Bancontact or iDeal.

Triggering the emergency call

To trigger the emergency call, you must press and hold the button on the screen for about four seconds. It now takes ten seconds for the emergency call bracelet to automatically send the emergency call to your family members. The emergency call button on the screen is not visible or is located directly under the surface - where the time is indicated.

After you have made the emergency call, the bracelet forwards the emergency to the specified contacts of the relatives and automatically switches to hands-free mode. This means your relatives can now contact you directly and speak to you. All family members or relatives who have installed the Zembro app on their smartphone will now receive a message that an emergency has occurred. The family can now call you via the bracelet, speak to you and, if necessary, inform the emergency services if, for example, you have fallen. In an emergency, up to ten saved contacts will be informed. Optionally, a 24-hour emergency call center can be alerted, which will contact the emergency services directly - this Zembro emergency call service 24/7 must be booked separately.

The Zembro emergency call service 24/7 is an additional service that you can add for an additional charge. The professional call center is available at any time, day or night, and can notify emergency services in the event of an emergency. This may be necessary, for example, if relatives are currently on vacation. Zembro's cooperation partner in Germany is Hausnotruf Deutschland, an organization with over 30 years of experience in this area and over 35.000 customers. However, the travel of the assistants is not included in the price.

Yes, it is possible to revoke the emergency call you have made. As already mentioned above, ten seconds pass between pressing the emergency call button and sending the emergency call, which are clearly visible or counted down on the bracelet. If you press the emergency call button located under the time interface again within these ten seconds, the emergency call will be revoked.

If you have accidentally canceled the emergency call, you will now have to wait five minutes until the bracelet is operational again. After five minutes you can press the emergency call button again to trigger the alarm.

The only requirement to be able to trigger the emergency call is a mobile phone network. The emergency call bracelet also works wherever you can make a phone call. No internet connection is required to trigger the emergency call.

Yes. In order for a relative to be informed about the emergency and to receive information about the location of the bracelet wearer, your smartphone must be connected to the Internet - either via WiFi or via mobile Internet. However, it is also possible to be informed via SMS, but only if you have never logged in via the app. The software then automatically detects that you do not have a smartphone and informs you of the emergency via SMS. If the emergency is communicated via SMS, no location data will be sent.

Yes, even relatives who do not have a smartphone but only a mobile phone without internet can receive information about an emergency. In this case, this does not happen over the Internet but via SMS. As mentioned, however, no location information can be provided in this case.

If the first specified emergency contact does not respond to the triggered alarm, the next contact in the list will be notified after one minute. If this person also does not respond to the emergency call, the third contact will be notified after a minute, etc. This happens until all specified contacts have been notified. If none of the contacts respond to the alarm, the process starts again from the beginning. The relatives receive emergency call messages again and again - until the emergency call mode on the bracelet is switched off again.

If you accidentally deleted the emergency call, after a minute the next of kin will be informed that an emergency has occurred and can then contact the senior. As already described above, all relatives in the contact list receive the information that the emergency call has been triggered - until one of the family members contacts the person wearing the bracelet.

No, it is only possible to make calls if the emergency call mode has been activated by the wearer of the bracelet.

In this case, another relative is currently on the phone with the senior.

In order to switch off the emergency call mode again, the bracelet must be charged via a socket using the USB cable. After the bracelet has been charged for at least 10 minutes, it can be reset to start mode. However, after the emergency call has been triggered, the bracelet should be fully charged before it is used again, as an emergency call uses a particularly large amount of battery.

If the senior is inside the home during the emergency call, data on the senior's location cannot be sent because the bracelet is not connected to the GPS satellite. If you as a relative do not receive any location information, there is a high probability that the senior is at home. All other emergency call functions, such as notifying relatives that an emergency call has been triggered, of course also work within the house.

The Zembro app

Our app works on both iPhones and Android smartphones.

  • As an Apple user, you need an iPhone 5 or later equipped with the iOS 8.2 or later operating system. You can download the Zembro app directly from the Apple Store.
  • As an Android user, you can also download the Zembro app onto your cell phone very easily. The app works on all Android smartphones (e.g. Samsung, Sony, Motorola, Huawei etc.). The prerequisite for smooth use of the app is Android version 4.1 or higher. The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

We have not developed an app for the Windows Phone mobile operating system - for the simple reason that only a small minority of people have Microsoft smartphones. In this case, you unfortunately cannot use the Zembro app. However, it is possible to receive messages regarding an emergency call via SMS.

Press the “Phone” button on the app and call the person wearing the bracelet. However, a call can only be made if the senior has previously made the emergency call. It is therefore not possible to make phone calls to each other “just like that” via the bracelet, but only when the bracelet is in emergency call mode.

No, the phone number on the bracelet cannot be changed.

Yes, you can change the telephone numbers of relatives. Open the app on your smartphone and you can change the phone numbers of family members. However, the telephone number of contact number 1, which was specified when purchasing the emergency bracelet, cannot be changed. If you would like to change this, please contact our customer service and provide the new telephone number.

The order of the contacts can also be changed via the app. Open the app, click on “Settings” (gear symbol), then on “Contacts” and then on “Edit” to change the order of the contacts that should be informed in an emergency. So if a family member is currently on vacation, their contact can be put last.

The first contact that was specified when purchasing the emergency call bracelet cannot be changed. Neither the telephone number nor the order can be changed here. If you would like a change, our customer service will do it for you.

Open the app, click “Settings” (gear icon), then “Contacts” and “Add Contact”. If a new contact is added, they will automatically receive an SMS with all the information necessary to install the Zembro app.

All contacts have permission to add additional contacts. After the first contact has been entered, they can add a second contact, a third contact, etc. The added contacts can now enter additional contacts.

Open the Zembro app and click on the bottom right of the photo, where you see the dots. Now select either the menu item “Select existing images” or “Take a new photo” and follow the instructions that now appear.

General Questions

Typically, with average standard usage, the emergency bracelet battery lasts for a week before it needs to be recharged. This means you only have to remember to connect the bracelet to electricity once a week - if necessary, family members can remind you or help you charge it.

If the wearer of the bracelet triggers the emergency call, the family members are immediately notified and also receive the senior's location. Passing on the location to the individual contacts increases battery consumption - as does triggering the emergency call. The time query also increases energy consumption. This becomes clear in the energy consumption setting.

After receiving all the necessary information, we will send your emergency bracelet for seniors within 48 hours (on working days). We strive to keep delivery times as short as possible. After receiving the bracelet, you have one month to return the wearable free of charge if you are not satisfied with the product.

The emergency call bracelet is currently available in black and white.

UEST-NV, a Belgian start-up based in Ghent, is behind the development of the modern emergency call system for seniors. Security for seniors and their relatives through modern wearables – this is what the development team at UEST-NV has set itself the task of. Numerous well-known entrepreneurs have invested in the development of the Zembro emergency call bracelet. Johann De Geyter is CEO of Zembro. The emergency call bracelet for seniors is now also successfully sold in Germany and Austria. In 2016/17, Zembro was one of the finalists of the WT Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup in the Safety and Security categories.